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Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1
Heavyweight Title

(as of 2016/04/09)

Masato Tanaka2004/02/07Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Jerry Lynn to become the first champion; vacates on 06/01/27.
Ricky Landell 2006/01/29 Boyertown, PA
Defeats Mark West; promotion closes in 07; officially declared vacant in 09/07.
Steve Corino 2009/08/16 Jackson, NJ
Wins a 4-way match against Defeats Greg Spitz, The Beast, and Tommy Thunda by pinning the Beast when the promotion restarts.
The Beast 2010/01/31 Jackson, NJ
Chris Rockwell 2010/01/31 Jackson, NJ
Defeats C.W. Anderson on 14/07/11 in Hubert, NC to win PWF Title in a double title match; again recognized as champion when WORLD-1 restarts in 16/02.