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East Coast Wrestling Association
Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/07/15)

Lance Diamond1993/05/01Wilmington, DE
The history prior to 93 is unknown though promoter claims the promotion is founded in 67.
Cheetah Master 1995/09 Wilmington, DE
Ace Darling1996/03/03Wilmington, DE
Cheetah Master [2]1996/05/10Wilmington, DE
Glen Osbourne1997/02/22Wilmington, DE
Viper1997/03/22Wilmington, DE
Christian Cage1998/07/18Newport, DE
Vacant after Cage's WWF commitments becomes too heavy for him to defend.
JJ the Ring Crew Guy1999/10/15Newport, DE
Defeats Ground Zero.
Inferno Kid2000/09/23Newport, DE
JJ the Ring Crew Guy [2]2000/10/14Laurel, DE
Cheetah Master [3]2000/11/25Newark, DE
Kevin Kelly2001/04/07Wilmington, DE
Stripped in 01.
Scoot Andrews2001/05/05Wilmington, DE
Andrews defeats Billy Fives in the final after each wins a respective 6-way match.
Prince Nana2002/05/04Newport, DE
Amazing Red2002/09/14Wilmington, DE
Xavier2002/11/02Wilmington, DE
Amazing Red [2]2002/11/02Wilmington, DE
Christopher Daniels2003/01/18Wilmington, DE
Defeats The Amazing Red, Mike Kruel, Low Ki, and Bryan Danielson in a 5-way match.
Mike Kruel2003/11/08Wilmington, DE
Christopher Daniels [2]2004/04/03Newport, DE
Awarded the title by Kruel after defeating him in the 2004 ECWA Super 8 Tournament semi-final.
John Walters2004/05/01Wilmington, DE
Defeats Daniels, Mike Kruel, and Austin Aries in a 4-way elimination match.
Scotty Charisma2005/02/12Newark, DE
Defeats Walters, Mike Kruel, Xavier, and Andrew Ryker in a 5-way elimination match.
Bonecrusher Fred Sampson2005/11/05Bear, DE
Defeats Charisma and Vic D. Vine in a 3-way elimination match.
Freak Nastty2006/01/28Newark, DE
Aden Chambers2007/03/17Newark, DE
Defeats Nastty, Ace Darling, and Frederick of Hollywood in a 4-way elimination match.
Mr. Scott Wright [2]2008/03/01Newark, DE
Glen Osbourne [2]2008/04/05Newark, DE
Frederick of Hollywood2008/07/26Newark, DE
Tommy Trouble2008/11/22Newark, DE
Chase Del Monte2009/03/07Newark, DE
Bazooka Joe2009/09/12Newark, DE
Mega 2010/05/08 Newark, DE
Andrew Ryker 2010/09/18 Newark, DE
Vacates due to injury and announces retirement on 10/12/04.
Mega [2] 2011/01/15 Newark, DE
Defeats Glen Osbourne.
Papadon 2011/03/05 Newark, DE
Chris Wylde 2012/09/15 Newark, DE
Josh Daniels 2013/01/05 Newark, DE
VsK 2013/05/11 Carney's Point, NJ
Papadon [2] 2013/07/13 Newark, DE
Kekoa the Flyin' Hawaiian 2013/11/02 Newark, DE
Vacates on 14/03/01 due to a torn ACL.
Napalm Bomb 2014/06/07 Newark, DE
Defeats Chris Wylde, Breaker Morant, and Ricky Martinez in 4-way match.
Bobby Shields 2014/06/07 Newark, DE
Cashes in his "Golden Opportunity Contract" and defeats Bomb.
Ricky Martinez 2014/12/06 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Matt Saigon [2] 2015/03/21 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Defeats Martinez and Bobby Shields in 3-way match; Sean Carr defeats Saigon on 15/10/17 in Woodbury Heights, NJ but the decision is later overturned.
Sean Carr 2015/12/05 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Azrieal 2017/03/12 Woodbury Heights, NJ
Defeats Carr and Chris Wylde in 3-way match.