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Heartland Wrestling Association ( 2009 - 2013 )
Rockstar Pro Wrestling ( 2013 -   )
American Luchacore Title

Aaron Williams 2009/06/10
Awarded the title to replace the Cruiserweight Title; vacates on 10/01/06 to focus on the Heavyweight Title.
Jesse Emerson 2010/01/28 Middletown, OH
Wins a 6-way match against Kaden Assad, Sid Fabulous, The Madness, Tim Donst, and Ron Mathis.
Ron Mathis 2010/05/26 Middletown, OH
Sid Fabulous 2010/12/18 Norwood, OH
Ron Mathis [2] 2011/06/03 Hamilton, OH
Dave Crist 2011/07/16 Hamilton, OH
Ron Mathis [3] 2011/08/27 Norwood, OH
Dave Crist [2] 2011/12/17 Hamilton, OH
Gerome Phillips 2012/02/25 Hamilton, OH
Nick Cutler 2012/04/03 Hamilton, OH
Alex Colon 2012/05/22 Hamilton, OH
Defeats Cutler, Dave Crist, and Trevor Court in a 4-way match.
Trevor Court 2012/07/31 Hamilton, OH
Defeats Colon and Dave Crist in a 3-way match.
Remi Wilkins 2012/10/02 Hamilton, OH
Recognition withdrawn by HWA on 13/04/19; continues to be recognized by Rockstar Pro.
Matt Taylor 2014/06/28 Dayton, OH
Defeats Wilkins and Alex Colon in 3-way match.
Nate Wings 2014/09/05 Dayton, OH
Defeats Taylor and Alex Colon in 3-way match.
Alex Colon [2] 2014/10/03 Dayton, OH
Nevaeh 2014/11/07 Dayton, OH
Female wrestler.
Alex Colon [3] 2014/12/17  
Awarded when Navaeh cannot defend due to injury.
Jeremiah 2014/12/31 Dayton, OH
Alex Colon [4] 2015/01/02 Dayton, OH
Zakk Spadez 2015/01/07 Dayton, OH
Nate Wings 2015/01/21 Dayton, OH
Zakk Spadez [2] 2015/01/28 Dayton, OH
Dave Crist [3] 2015/02/06 Dayton, OH
Wins 11-man scramble match in which Spadez also participates.
Alex Colon 2015/03/25 Dayton, OH
Dave Crist [4] 2015/04/29 Dayton, OH
Nate Wings [2] 2015/06/10 Dayton, OH
Kyle Maverick 2015/06/10 Dayton, OH
Pompano Joe 2015/09/04 Dayton, OH
Mikael 2015/11/04 Dayton, OH
Pompano Joe [2] 2015/11/06 Dayton, OH
Defeats Mikael, Ganger, and Tim Donst in 4-way match.
Ron Mathis [4] 2015/11/06 Dayton, OH
Zachary Wentz 2016/03/09 Dayton, OH
Jeremiah 2016/06/03 Dayton, OH
Teams with Pomano Joe & Percy Davis & R.C. Sniper to defeat Wentz & Dave Crist & Dezmond Xavier & Zakk Spadez.
Zachary Wentz [2] 2016/07/01 Dayton, OH
Jeremiah [2] 2016/08/05 Dayton, OH
Bruce Grey 2016/12/02 Dayton, OH
Trey Miguel 2017/01/06 Dayton, OH
Defeats Grey, Ace Austin, Gregory Iron, and Rickey Shane Page in 5-man scramble match.
Clayton Jackson 2017/02/03 Dayton, OH
Defeats Miguel and Aaron Williams in 3-way match.
Trey Miguel [2] 2017/03/29 Dayton, OH
Daniel Winchester 2017/05/31 Dayton, OH
Clayton Jackson [2] 2017/06/14 Dayton, OH
Zachary Wentz 2017/07/07 Dayton, OH
Maxwell Jacob Friedman 2017/07/12 Dayton, OH
May be vacant after defending the title on 17/08/02.
Rey Fenix 2017/08/04 Dayton, OH
Defeats A.R. Fox in tournament final to become the final champion; has defeated Shane Strickland in semi-final; Friedman has lost to Strickland in the first round.