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Heartland Wrestling Association
Heavyweight Title

D'Lo Brown1996/01/05Ft. Wright, KY
Defeats Bobby Blaze in tournament final to become the first champion.
Bobby Blaze1996/03/09Ashland, KY
D'Lo Brown [2]1996/03/16Lima, OH
Vacant and inactive in 96/06.
Race Steele2000/05/25Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Chip Fairway in a tournament final.
Chad Collyer2001/01/26Rising Sun, IN
Stripped on 01/02/27.
Shark Boy2001/02/27Cincinnati, OH
Wins battle royal, eliminating Dean Jablonski and Matt Stryker.
Race Steele [2]2001/03/16Rising Sun, IN
Cody Hawk2001
Race Steele [3]2001/08/04Batavia, OH
Nick Dinsmore2001/08/09Cincinnati, OH
Race Steele [4]2001/08/18Dayton, OH
Held up after match against Mark Jindrak on 01/09/30 in Jeffersonville, IN.
E.Z. Money2001/11/14Dayton, OH
Defeats D-Lo Brown in a tournament final.
Charlie Haas2002/01/09Dayton, OH
Pins Val Venis in a 6-man tag team "all titles on the line" match involving Haas, Venis, Steve Bradley, The Island Boys, and EZ Money with a stipulation that if any member of the champions is pinned, titles switches hands accordingly; stripped on 02/01/29 due to a contract loophole.
E.Z. Money [2]2002/01/29Cincinnati, OH
Rico Constantino2002/03/15Dayton, OH
Stevie Richards2002/03/17Jeffersonville, IN
Race Steele [5]2002/03/20Cincinnati, OH
Johnny the Bull2002/05/08Dayton, OH
Lance Cade2002/05/19Jeffersonville, IN
Johnny the Bull [2]2002/07/20Batavia, OH
Lance Cade [2]2002/07/20Batavia, OH
Cody Hawk [2]2002/07/21Jeffersonville, IN
Matt Stryker2002/09/17Cincinnati, OH
Chet Jablonski2002/11/09Batavia, OH
Big Al2003/04/15Cincinnati, OH
Chad Collyer [2]2003/05/02Aurora, IN
Wins Royal Rumble-style match, eliminating Jablonski and Cody Hawk.
Nigel McGuiness2003/09/06Batavia, OH
El Temor2004/03/17Wilmington, OH
Rory Fox2004/03/30Cincinnati, OH
Tack2004/07/20Cincinnati, OH
Rory Fox [2]2004/07/21Cincinnati, OH
Executive Committee reverses the decision due to absence of contract in heavyweight championship match at Tuesday's television tapings.
Shawn Osborne2005/03/25Dayton, OH
Matt Stryker [4]2005/06/17Cincinnati, OH
Cody Hawk [4]2005/09/24Cincinnati, OH
Stripped in 05/11.
Pepper Parks2006/01/21Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Jon Moxly in tournament final.
Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)2006/05/09Cincinnati, OH
Chad Collyer [3]2006/09/05
Pepper Parks [2]2006/11/07Cincinnati, OH
Vacates on 06/12/05.
Jon Moxley [2]2006/12/30Dayton, OH
Defeats Brian Jennings, J.T. Stahr, and Matt Stryker.
Brian Jennings2007/01/02Cincinnati, OH
B.J. Whitmer2008/01/18Dayton, OH
Stripped on 08/06/11.
Jake Crist 2008/07/11 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Jon Moxley.
King Vu (Richard Phillips) 2009/08/22 Norwood, OH
Aaron Williams 2009/12/19 Norwood, OH
Jon Moxley [3] 2010/01/06 Middletown, OH
Gerome Phillips (Richard Phillips) [2] 2010/07/14 Middletown, OH
B.J. Whitmer [2] 2011/03/19 Norwood, OH
Jesse Emerson 2011/08/27 Norwood, OH
Jake Crist [2] 2011/12/17 Hamilton, OH
Ron Mathis 2012/10/19 Hamilton, OH
Chance Prophet 2013/07/26 Middletown, OH
Dustin Rayz 2014/07/05 Middletown, OH