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Heartland Wrestling Association
Cruiserweight Title

Terik the Great97/08/22Harveysburg, OH
Defeats Shark Boy in tournament final to become the first champion.
Bobby Kane99/02/27Hamilton, OH
Defeats Terik and Shark Boy in a 3-way match.
Shark Boy99/05/26Fort Mitchell, KY
Vacant on 99/07/28 when Shark Boy leaves the promotion.
Todd Morton99/08/25Fort Mitchell, KY
Defeats Rory Fox in a tournament final; stripped on 00/02/19 due to no-show.
Shark Boy [2]00/02/19Hamilton, OH
Defeats Matt Stryker, who has won a battle royal to face Shark Boy earlier in the card.
Rory Fox00/10/07Blanchester, OH
Shark Boy [3]00/11/04Blanchester, OH
Pins Fox during a tag team match with Race Steele against Fox & Chip Fairway; vacant on 01/03/06 after winning HWA Heavyweight Title.
Matt Stryker01/03/16Rising Sun, IN
Defeats Pepper Parks.
Pepper Parks01/06/26Cincinnati, OH
Matt Stryker [2]01/08/09Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Parks, Shark Boy, and Chad Collyer in a 4-way match.
Jamie Knoble01/09/02Jeffersonville, IN
Shannon Moore02/01/09Dayton, OH
Chad Collyer02/02/13Dayton, OH
Defeats Moore and Matt Stryker in a 3-way match.
Shannon Moore [2]02/03/24Jeffersonville, IN
B.J. Whitmer02/05/08Dayton, OH
Defeats Moore, Jamie Knoble, and Matt Stryker in a 4-way elimination match.
Rory Fox [2]02/10/08Cincinnati, OH
The Hussla02/11/13Englewood, OH
Rory Fox [3]03/02/01Batavia, OH
J.T. Stahr and T.J. Dalton03/05/23Dayton, OH
Bceomes co-champions in 4-way match which also include Fox.
Rory Fox [4]03/05/25Cincinnati, OH
Pins both Stahr and Dalton.
Quinten Lee03/09/06Batavia, OH
Rory Fox [5]03/10/28Cincinnati, OH
Defeats El Temor (Quinten Lee under mask).
Quinten Lee [2] 03/10/28 Cincinnati, OH
Renamed Television Title on 04/01/06.
Aaron Williams 08/08/30 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Alan Wasylychyn, Dustin Rayz, Johnny Gargano, and Dave Crist in a 5-way elimination match to win the revived title.
Tim Donst 09/03/20 Middletown, OH
Stripped on 09/05/20 for not defending it within 30 days.
Aaron Williams [2] 09/05/20 Middletown, OH
Defeats Andre Hart, V-Rad, and Mr. Jacko in a 4-man elimination match; awarded American Luchacore Title on 09/06/10 after Tim Donst destroys the Cruiserweight Title belt.

* Replaced with HWA American Luchacore Title.

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