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Heartland Wrestling Association
Television Title

Quinten Lee04/01/06
Named the first champion after a name change in the Cruiserweight Title.
Mike Desire04/02/10Cincinnati, OH
Quinten Lee [2]04/03/16Cincinnati, OH
Gotti04/05/04Cincinnati, OH
Tack04/06/15Cincinnati, OH
Rory Fox04/07/27Cincinnati, OH
Wins in a 6-man tag match when Rory pins Tack.
Tack [2]04/08/17Cincinnati, OH
J.T. Stahr04/10/12Cincinnati, OH
Deuce04/11/09Cincinnati, OH
Brian Beech05/01/04Cincinnati, OH
Chad Collyer05/01/11Cincinnati, OH
Quinten Lee05/01/18Cincinnati, OH
Ala Hussein05/03/15Cincinnati, OH
Super Zeta05/03/29Cincinnati, OH
The Hussla05/04/26Cincinnati, OH
Tack [3]05/05/03Cincinnati, OH
Rob Matrix05/06/07Cincinnati, OH
Lotus05/07/26Cincinnati, OH
Crazy J.05/09/23Cincinnati, OH
Rory Fox [2]05/10/18Cincinnati, OH
Matt Stryker05/11/08Cincinnati, OH
Brad Smith06/05/16Cincinnati, OH
Stripped on 06/07/25.
J.T. Stahr [2]06/08/19Dayton, OH
Defeats Dr. Bones in tournament final.
Scottie Murray06/09/19Cincinnati, OH
Pins Stahr in 6-man tag match with stipulation that title changes hands if Murray's team wins.
J.T. Stahr [3]06/10/20Cincinnati, OH
Wins 3-way match against Murray and Tarek the Great.
Gotti06/11/07Cincinnati, OH
Wins 4-way match against Stahr, Scottie Murray, and Tarek The Great.
Brian Jennings06/11/21Cincinnati, OH
Vacates in order to compete for the Heavyweight Title.
Ganger06/12/19Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Scottie Murray.
Quinten Lee [2]07/05/15Cincinnati, OH
Ganger [2]07/06/05Cincinnati, OH
Title retired in 08 when Cruiserweight Title is reactivated.

* See HWA Cruiseriweght Title.

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