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Last updated on 2016/06/10

American Wrestling Alliance
World Heavyweight Title

Don Eagle 1950/05/23 Cleveland, OH
Defeats Frank Sexton for Boston-based AWA (Association) World Title; loses to Gorgeous George on 50/05/26 in Chicago, IL in a double cross by the promoter Fred Kohler against Eagle; Eagle continues to be recognized as AWA champion by Leonard Schwartz and Ray Fabiani; Eagle defeats George for the title on 50/08/31 in Columbus, OH; still champion as of 50/11/22.
Ruffy Silverstein 1951/06/28<
Eagle still recognized as AWA champion in Boston, MA.
Bill Miller 1951/08/15 Chicago, IL
Ruffy Silverstein [2] 1951/12/26 Chicago, IL
Buddy Rogers 1952/10/17 Chicago, IL

* See main branch in Ohio.