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Florida Championship Wrestling
Florida Heavyweight Title

Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) 2008/02/15 Tampa, FL
Defeats Ted DiBiase Jr. after the two become the finalists in a 22-man battle royal to become the first champion; defeats Southern champion Heath Miller on 08/03/23 in Port Richey, FL to unify both titles and become the "Undisputed Florida Heavyweight champion"; later renamed Jake Swagger.
Sheamus O'Shauunessy 2008/09/18Tampa, FL
Eric Escobar (Eric Perez) 2008/12/11 Tampa, FL
Defeats O'Shaunessy, Joe Hennig, and Drew McIntyre in a 4-way match.
Joe Hennig 2009/02/26 Tampa, FL
Vacates on 09/03/19 due to injury.
Drew McIntyre 2009/03/19 Tampa, FL
Defeats Eric Escobar.
Tyler Reks 2009/06/11 Tampa, FL
Heath Slater 2009/08/13 Tampa, FL
Justin Angel (Justin Gabriel) 2009/09/24 Tampa, FL
Alex Riley 2010/03/18 Tampa, FL
Mason Ryan 2010/07/22 Tampa, FL
Bo Rotundo 2011/02/03 Tampa, FL
Lucky Cannon 2011/02/03 Tampa, FL
Bo Rotundo [2] 2011/05/19 Tampa, FL
Vacant on 11/09/01 due to injury.
Leo Kruger 2011/09/01 Tampa, FL
Wins a 4-way match against Dean Ambrose, Husky Harris, and Damien Sandow.
Mike Dalton 2012/02/20 Tampa, FL
Leo Kruger [2] 2012/02/23 Tampa, FL
Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) 2012/02/23 Tampa, FL
Rick Victor (Apocalypse) 2012/06/16 Crystal River, FL
Bo Dallas (Bo Rotundo) [3] 2012/06/16 Crystal River, FL
Rick Victor [2] 2012/07/13 Punta Gorda, FL
Richie Steamboat (Ricky Steamboat Jr.) 2012/07/20 St. Augustine, FL
Title retired in 12/07; Steamboat loses to Jinder Mahal in the semi-final of a tournament to crown the first NXT champion.

* Replaced with NXT Title.