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Last updated on 2016/06/30

Pacific Coast Junior Heavyweight Title
[Fresno / S. California]

Pete Belcastro 1935/07/05 Mt. Shasta, CA *
Defeats Pete Becker in 2-day tournament final; also recognized in Oregon; still champion as of 38/01/06; vacant as of 40/07 with the tournament planned to take place.
Danny McShain 1941/01/21 Klamath Falls, OR
Defeats Jesse James in tournament final; also billed as California Title in 41.
Jesse James1941/03/06Fresno, CA
Alex Kasaboski1941/04/03Fresno, CA
George Dusette1941/04/24Fresno, CA
Danny McShain [2]1941/06/05Fresno, CA
Dick Trout1945/05/01San Diego, CA
Danny McShain [3]1945/05/08San Diego, CA
Dick Trout [2]1947/07/23Bakersfield, CA
Danny McShain [4]1947/08/06Bakersfield, CA
Leo Garibaldi 1953/09/28 Hollywood, CA
Defeats Red Berry.