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Last updated on 2014/11/03

Pacific Coast Junior Heavyweight Title

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Gust Johnson 1944/11/09 Portland, OR
Wins a 9-man tournament to become the first champion.
George Dussette 1945/03/26
Jack Lipscomb 1945/07/30
Joe Lynam 1945/12/10
Bruno Angelo 1946/04/02
George Dussette [2] 1946/06/27
Pete Belcastro 1946/09/09
Bill Weidner 1947/03
Sometime between 47/03/16 and 47/03/24.
Herb Parks [2] 1947/05/03 Eugene, OR
Buck Weaver 1947/06/07 Eugene, OR
Herb Parks 1947/06/21 Eugene, OR
Jackie Nichols 1947/08/23 Eugene, OR
Frank Stojack1947/12/14Yakima, WA
Gordon Hessell 1948/04/28 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Frank Stojack [2] 1948/05 Tacoma, WA
Jack McLaughlin1949/06/08Vancouver, BC, CAN
Vacant in 49.
Tony Ross1949/09/21Vancouver, BC, CAN
Defeats Leo Kirikeno.
Buck Weaver [2]1949/10/10
Al Szasz1949/11/01
Bob Cummings 1950/06/15<
Sometime after 50/02/11; possibly on 50/05/13 in Eugene, OR.
Leo Wallick 1950/07/29 Eugene, OR
Bob Cummings [2] 1950/08/11<
Leo Wallick [2] 1950/08/12Eugene, OR
Frank Stojack [3]1950/12/22Tacoma, WA
Andy Tremaine *1951/03/26Portland, OR
Dale Haddock *1951/06/28Portland, OR
Frenchy Roy *1951/08/18Portland, OR
Frank Stojack [4]1951
Masked Marvel (Buddy Knox) 1951/12Seattle, WA
Roger Mackay1952/05/16Tacoma, WA
Frank Stojack [5]1952/12/13Roseburg, OR
Roger Mackay [2]1953/12/17
Carl Engstrom1954
Vacates in 54.
Tommy Martindale1954/05/14Portland, OR
Wins tournament; Roger Mackey defeats Martindale, but Martindale refuses to hand over the belt and later loses it to Kurt Von Poppenheim.
Kurt Von Poppenheim1954/06/11Longview, WA
Luigi Macera1954/11/11
Kurt Von Poppenheim [2]1954/12/10
Pepper Gomez1955/02/24Portland, OR
Vacant in 55.
Larry Chene1956/02/24
Bull Montana1956/05/18
Kurt Von Poppenheim [3]1956/06/08
Red Bastien1957/01/06
Kurt Von Poppenheim [4]1957/01/18
Luigi Macera [2]1957/02/25
Ed Francis1957/05/15
Vacant in 57/05 upon leaving the territory.