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City of Mobile Heavyweight Title

Bob Boyer1969/05/07Mobile, AL
Wins the City of Mobile part of the Alabama State Heavyweight Title tournament.
Rocket Monroe1970/11/04Mobile, AL
Joe Turner1970/12/09Mobile, AL
Wins as the masked Intern and unmasks after the match.
Mike Boyette1970/12/16Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly1970/12/23Mobile, AL
Bobby Shane1971/02/03Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [2]1971/03/17Mobile, AL
Stripped for inactivity of defenses.
Rip Tyler1971/08/18Mobile, AL
Defeats Ken Lucas in the final fall of 17-man tag match.
Mike Boyette [2]1971/09/22Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro1971/11/11Mobile, AL
Gorgeous George Jr.1972/02/29Mobile, AL
Bill White1972/03/22Mobile, AL
Gorgeous George Jr. [2]1972/04/12Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [3]1972/05/24Mobile, AL
The Spoiler1972/12/05Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [4]1972/12/13Mobile, AL
Billy Spears1974/02/20Mobile, AL
Stripped for not defending within 90 days.
Duke Miller1974/05/14Mobile, AL
Defeats Klondike Bill in the final fall of 11-man tag match.
Ken Lucas1974/05/28Mobile, AL
The Mighty Yankee1974/07/16Mobile, AL
Stripped for leaving the area in 74/11.
Ken Lucas [2]1975/05/27Mobile, AL
Gorgeous George Jr. [3]1975/10/14Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas attacks George after the match, grabs the title trophy, throws it to the concerete floor, and destroys it; title retired.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.