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Last updated on 2017/11/08

City of Pensacola Heavyweight Title

The Wrestling Pro1970/09/22Pensacola, FL
Defeats Bob Kelly in a 10-man elimination tag team match.
Don Carson1970/10/13Pensacola, FL
The Wrestling Pro [2]1970/10/20Pensacola, FL
Dick Dunn1970/11/01Pensacola, FL
The Wrestling Pro [3]1970/11/08Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas1970/12/06Pensacola, FL
Mike Boyette1970/12/20Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas [2]1971/01/12Pensacola, FL
Bobby Shane1971/01/17Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas [3]1971/01/24Pensacola, FL
Bobby Shane [2]1971/02/14Pensacola, FL
The Wrestling Pro [4]1971/04/25Pensacola, FL
Vacant when The Wrestling Pro is suspended on 71/05/20.
Rip Tyler1971/05/30Pensacola, FL
Defeats Mike Boyette in a 12-man elimination tag team match.
Mike Boyette [2]1971/06/13Pensacola, FL
The Wrestling Pro [5]1971/08/08Pensacola, FL
The Wrestling Pro substitutes for the Untouchable.
Mike Boyette [3]1971/10/03Pensacola, FL
Bobby Shane [3]1971/11/07Pensacola, FL
Bob Kelly1971/11/21Pensacola, FL
Vacant when Kelly is suspended on 72/03/08.
Mike Boyette [4]1972/03/19Pensacola, FL
Wins a 13-man battle royal, last eliminating Donnie Fargo.
The Wrestling Pro [6]1972/06/11Pensacola, FL
Mike Boyette [5]1972/07/02Pensacola, FL
Gorgeous George Jr.1972/07/23Pensacola, FL
The Mysterious Medic1972/12/03Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas [4]1973/01/21Pensacola, FL
The Mysterious Medic [2]1973/01/28Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas [5]1973/02/25Pensacola, FL
Rock Riddle1973/07/08Pensacola, FL
Held up after a match against Ken Lucas on 73/07/29.
Ken Lucas [6]1973/10/21Pensacola, FL
Wins an 11-man elimination tag team match; held up after a match against the Wrestling Pro on 74/06/02.
Ken Lucas [7]1974/09/22Pensacola, FL
Wins a 14-man elimination tag team match.
Rip Tyler [2]1975/03/25Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas [8]1975/04/06Pensacola, FL
Gorgeous George Jr. [2]1975/09/21Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas [9]1975/10/12Pensacola, FL
Title retired when trophy is destroyed after match against Gorgeous George Jr.