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Last updated on 2014/08/25

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1954 <<

Baron Michele Leone

01/12 Idaho Falls, ID Ted Christy W (2-1 DQ)
01/28 Oklahoma City, OK Red Berry W
02/03 Nashville, TNCharro AztecaW
02/08Nashville, TNSonny MyersW
02/09 Bowling Green, KY Cyclone Anaya  
02/10Chattanooga, TNAl GalentoD (1-1)
02/16 Daytona Beach, FL Danny McShain D
02/26 Ft. Pierce, FL Carl Engstrom
02/28Tampa, FLRed BerryW
03/14Memphis, TNStu Gibson W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
03/15Nashville, TNAli PashaW
03/17Chattanooga, TNFred BlassieW
03/25 Oklahoma City, OK Ed Francis W
03/28Memphis, TNStu GibsonW
04/06 Joplin, MO Ed Francis W (2-1 UTC)
04/08 Oklahoma City, OK Mike Clancy W
04/11Tulsa, OKEd FrancisL

Ed Francis

04/27 Joplin, MO Rocco Perez W (2-0)
04/29 Oklahoma City, OK Ricki Starr W
05/02Memphis, TNMike ClancyW
05/04 Kingsport, TN Frank Thompson
05/10Nashville, TNGeorge MacrisW
05/11 Kingsport, TN Paul Baillargeon W
05/12Chattanooga, TNTony Baillargeon
05/16Albuquerque, NMJuan GarciaW (2-1)
05/17El Paso, TXChief Kit FoxW
05/24Dallas, TXDuke KeomukaW (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
05/25San Antonio, TXLarry CheneW
05/26Galveston, TXRaul ZapataW
05/27Houston, TXPepper Gomez D (1-1 90min)
05/30Abilene, TXRamon Torres
06/06Abilene, TXDanny McShainW (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
06/17 Oklahoma City, OK Luis Martinez W
06/24 Oklahoma City, OK Ali Bey
06/27Memphis, TNTor YamatoW
06/29 Kingsport, TN Mike Paidousis W
07/04Memphis, TNSonny MyersNC
07/05Nashville, TNMike PaidousisW
07/09Chattanooga, TNHerb WelchW
07/11Memphis, TNSonny MyersW
07/12Nashville, TNCarlos RodriguezW
07/13 Kingsport, TN Karl Kowalski W
07/14Chattanooga, TNHerb Welch
07/19Nashville, TNTex RileyNC
07/25Memphis, TNGorgeous GeorgeW
08/08 Pampa, TX (cancelled)  
08/15Abilene, TXJim AusteriW
08/22 Pampa, TX Roger Mackay (1-1 DCOR in 3rd)
08/23El Paso, TXRaul Zapata W
09/05Abilene, TXBob GeigelD (60min)
09/06 Odessa, TX George Overhuls W (2-0)
09/12Abilene, TXBob GeigelW
09/13El Paso, TXDizzy Davis
09/19Abilene, TXMike GallagherW (2-0)
09/20 Odessa, TX Dizzy Davis W (2-1)
09/22Albuquerque, NMLuis MartinezW
09/26Memphis, TNArnold SkaalandW
10/03 Memphis, TN Arnold Skaaland W (2-0)
10/06 Joplin, MO Red Berry W
10/07 Oklahoma City, OK Red Berry W
10/10Fort Worth, TXPepper GomezD
10/12 Victoria, TX Danny Savich  
10/13Galveston, TXPepper Gomez D
11/07Memphis, TNJesse JamesW
11/26 Daytona Beach, FL Jack Wentworth W (2-0)
11/28Tampa, FLBilly RabornW
12/15 New Orleans, LA Tony Cash W (2-1)
12/16Houston, TXRito RomeroW (2-0)
12/19Abilene, TXBob GeigelD (1-1; DCOR in 3rd)

>> 1956

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