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Last updated on 2017/11/14

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1950 <<

Verne Gagne

01/08 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Stu Hart W (21:20)
01/18 Wichita Falls, TX Sonny Myers NC (1-1)
01/26 St. Louis, MOBilly GoelzD
02/01 Wichita Falls, TX Sonny Myers W (2-1)
02/02 Oklahoma City, OK Angelo Savoldi W
02/07Tucson, AZMonte LaDueW (2-1)
02/08 Albuquerque, NM Benny Trudell W
02/12 Denver, CO Danny Loos W (1-0 60min)
02/14Tucson, AZLee GrableD (1-1)
02/15 Amarillo, TX Dory Funk W (2-1 COR)
02/16 Oklahoma City, OK Karol Krauser
02/28 Washington, DC Jack Clinton (non-title?)  
03/09 Oklahoma City, OK Sonny Myers W
03/13 Twin Falls, ID Leo Jensen W (2-0)
03/14Ogden, UTBob CummingsD (1-1)
03/15Salt Lake City, UTMike NazarianW (2-1)
03/19 Boise, ID Frank Stojack W (1-0 60min)
03/21Ogden, UTBob CummingsW (2-1)
03/22 Salt Lake City, UT Kenny Mayne W (2-1)
04/14 Benton Harbor, MI Bozo Brown W (2-0)
04/18 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Sonny Myers W (38:10)
04/20Chicago, ILMighty AtlasW
04/21Milwaukee, WIBilly GoelzW
05/01 Dallas, TX Duke Keomuka D (1-1 90min)
05/03 Galveston, TX Don Evans W
05/11Chicago, ILBilly GoelzW
05/14Memphis, TNAngelo SavoldiW
05/17Chattanooga, TNTex RileyW (2-0)
06/01 Oklahoma City, OK Lee Grable D
06/07 Wichita Falls, TX Billy Raborn W (2-1 56min)
06/08 Oklahoma City, OK Lee Grable W
06/11 Abilene, TX Dory Funk W
06/12 El Paso, TX Ace Freeman W (2-1)
06/13Tucson, AZAce FreemanW (2-1)
06/26 Dallas, TX Miguel Guzman W
06/27 Galveston, TX Karl Davis
07/05 Wichita Falls, TX Lee Grable W (2-1 25min)
07/16 Abilene, TX Balk Estes W
07/19 Amarillo, TX Billy Weidner W
07/20 Albuquerque, NM George Shindo W (2-1)
07/23 Memphis, TN Al Galento W
07/30 Owensboro, KY Red Roberts W
09/17 Duluth, MN Tommy Martindale W
09/21Winnipeg, MB, CANBobby Managoff D (60min)
09/22 Rochester, MN Mike DiBiase W
09/25 Minneapolis, MN Gorgeous George W (18:58)
09/27 Duluth, MN Tommy Martindale W
09/29 Rochester, MN Tommy Martindale W
10/01Memphis, TNFrankie MurdockW
10/04Chattanooga, TNRay PiretW (2-0)
10/09 Dallas, TX Ray Gunkel W (2-0; DQ in 1st)
10/18 Wichita Falls, TX Wayne Martin W (2-1)
10/19 Oklahoma City, OK Dory Funk W
11/02 Oklahoma City, OK Danny McShain W
11/07 Racine, WI Billy Goelz
11/12Memphis, TNDanny McShain W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
11/15Chattanooga, TNEdouard PerezW
11/19Memphis, TNDanny McShainL

Danny McShain

11/27 Dallas, TX Danny Savich W
11/29 Galveston, TX Miguel Guzman W
12/03 Memphis, TN Jimmy Lott W (2-1; UTC in 3rd)
12/07Oklahoma City, OK Fred BlassieW
12/18 El Paso, TX Jack Terry W (2-1 DQ)
12/27 Long Beach, CA Lone Eagle

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