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Last updated on 2016/05/03

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1948 <<

Billy Goelz [2]

01/03 Des Moines, IA Al Szasz W (2-1)
01/15 Racine, WI Al Szasz W
01/18 Benton Harbor, MI Al Szasz W
01/26 Dubuque, IA Pete Bartu W (2-1)
02/24 Sheboygan, WI Danno McDonald
05/31 Milwaukee, WI Jack Carter (non-title?)
06/03 Rockford, IL Ray Ryan W
06/04 Racine, WI Billy Hickson W
06/06 Gordon Hessell (non-title?)
06/10 Benton Harbor, MI Billy Hickson W
06/12 Waterloo, IA Billy Hickson W
06/17 Rockford, IL Pat O'Dowdy W
06/18 Forest Park, IL Pat O'Dowdy
06/23 Chicago, IL Billy Hickson D
07/01 Benton Harbor, MI Billy Hickson D
07/07 Chicago, IL Billy Hickson
07/10 Waterloo, IA Billy Hickson D (60min)
07/15 St. Joseph, MO Billy Hickson D (60min)
07/17 Waterloo, IA Billy Hickson (cancelled)  
08/11 Milwaukee, WI Pat O'Dowdy (non-title?) W (2-0)
08/21 Waterloo, IA Rod Fenton W
08/25 Milwaukee, WI Billy Hickson (non-title?)
09/27 Rockford, IL Ray Ryan W
09/29 Milwaukee, WI Billy Hickson (non-title?) W
10/11 Rockford, IL Al Williams W
10/13 Milwaukee, WI Billy Hickson (non-title?)
10/14 Sheboygan, WI Al Williams
10/20 Milwaukee, WI Jack Carter (non-title?)
10/22 Racine, WI Gyspsy Joe Dorsetti  
10/29 Racine, WI Gyspsy Joe Dorsetti W (DQ)
11/01 Rockford, IL Angelo Martinelli W
11/22 Sheboygan, WI Danno McDonald (non-title?)  
11/24 Milwaukee, WI Billy Hickson (non-title?)
12/28 Des Moines, IA Leroy McGuirk L (2-1)
National Wrestling Association champion defeats National Wrestling Alliance champion.

Leroy McGuirk

12/29 Joplin, MO Monte LaDue (non-title?) W

>> 1950