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National Wrestling Alliance
International Heavyweight Title

Japan / Korea ( 1957 - 1989/04 )
Amarillo ( 1974 - 1981 )

The only version after 1981
[All Japan version]

Dory Funk Jr. 1981/04/30 Matsudo
Wins tournament when Bruiser Brody is injured and unable to wrestle in final; defeats Terry Funk for his first title defense instead.
Bruiser Brody 1981/10/09 Tokyo
Dory Funk Jr. [2] 1981/11/01 Tokyo
Bruiser Brody [2] 1982/04/21 Osaka
Jumbo Tsuruta 1983/08/31 Tokyo
Stan Hansen 1986/07/31 Tokyo
Jumbo Tsuruta [2] 1986/10/21 Tokyo
Bruiser Brody [3] 1988/03/27 Tokyo
Jumbo Tsuruta [3] 1988/04/19 Sendai
Unifies PWF and NWA United National titles, defeating Stan Hansen on 89/04/18 in Tokyo, to become the first unified Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion.

* See Triple Crown Heavyweight Title.

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