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Heart of America Sports Attractions (Kansas City) Bob Geigel, President
Jim Crockett Promotions (Charlotte) Jim Crockett Jr., 1st Vice President
Fred Ward Promotions (Macon) Fred Ward, 2nd Vice President
Georgia Championship Wrestling (Atlanta) Ole Anderson, director
Capital Sports Promotions (Puerto Rico) Victor Jovica, director
Don Owen Sports (Portland, OR) Don Owen, director
Championship Wrestling from Florida (Tampa) Eddie Graham
Mike Graham
, director
All Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan) Shohei Baba
Dory Funk Jr.
, director
Southwest Sports (Dallas) Jack Adkisson
David Adkisson
, director
K.E. Wrestling Promotions (Vancouver) Gene Kiniski
Southeastern Wrestling (Alabama) Ron Fuller
Frank Tunney Promotions (Toronto) Frank Tunney
New Zealand Pro-Wrestling Association (New Zealand) Steve Rickard
Foothills Athletic Club (Calgary, AB) Stu Hart
Dominicana Espectaculos (Dominican Republic) Arcadio Brito & Rafael Sanchez
St. Louis Wrestling Club (St. Louis) Bob Geigel
Nueva Arena Mexico, S.A. (Mexico) Salvador Lutteroth
New Japan Pro-Wrestling (Japan) Hisashi Shinma
World Championship Wrestling (Australia) Larry O'Day & Ron Miller
Polynesian Pro Wrestling (Honolulu) Lia Maivia