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Open the Brave Gate Title
(as of 2016/12/25)

Naruki Doi2005/03/13Nagoya
Defeats YOSSINO in the final of a one-night 8-man tournament to become the first champion.
Dragon Kid2005/11/13Nagoya
Held up after a match against Masato Yoshino on 06/02/05 in Fukuoka is declared no contest.
Masato Yoshino2006/03/19Honkawagoe, Saitama
Defeats Kid and Naoki Tanizaki in 3-way match.
Matt Sydal2007/02/12Kobe
Genki Horiguchi2007/03/25Tsu
Yasushi Kanda2007/07/01Kobe
Masato Yoshino2007/09/22Tokyo
Anthony W. Mori2008/04/13Nagoya
Immediately vacates the title for being unsatisfied with interference of other wrestlers during the match.
Gamma 2008/04/27 Fukuoka
Defeats Anthony W. Mori in tournament final; starts billing himself as "Open the Gamma Gate" champion..
Dr. Muscle (Masato Yoshino) [2] 2008/06/29 Osaka
Changes the name back to "Open the Brave Gate Title" but vacates it to suggest a proper decision match to be held.
Genki Horiguchi [2] 2008/07/27 Kobe
Defeats m.c.KZ.
Masato Yoshino [2] 2008/10/12 Nagoya
CIMA 2009/03/22 Tokyo
Naruki Doi [2] 2009/07/19 Kobe
Reigning Open the Dream Gate champion, wins a double title match but immediately vacates Open the Brave Gate title.
Naoki Tanizaki 2009/08/30 Fukuoka
Defeats KAGETORA in a 6-man tournament final.
K-ness. 2010/01/11 Nagoya
Super Siesar 2010/02/27 Kyoto
Tigers Mask 2010/04/18 Osaka
Also wins Osaka Pro-Wrestling Title, defeating CIMA on 10/07/29 in Osaka.
Masato Yoshino [3] 2010/08/14 Kobe
Vacates immediately after the match.
Pac (Neville) 2010/08/29 Fukuoka
Defeats Susumu Yokosuka in a one-night 8-man tournament final.
Ricochet 2011/11/19 Osaka
Dragon Kid [2] 2012/05/06 Nagoya
Masato Yoshino [4] 2013/05/05 Nagoya
Vacates on 13/08/30 in order to concentrate on challenging for the Open the Dream Gate Title.
Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! [3] 2013/09/29 Kobe
Defeats Kzy in 8-man tournament final.
Flamita 2014/03/16 Wakayama
Held up on 14/12/28 when Flamita refuses the title after defending it against Punch Tominaga by a DQ win.
Dr. Muscle 2015/01/12 Kobe
Defeats Eita in 8-man tournament final.
Akira Tozawa 2015/02/28 Osaka
Kotoka 2015/11/01 Osaka
Defeats Tozawa and Naoki Tanizaki in 3-way match.
Yosuke Santa Maria 2016/03/05 Osaka
Eita 2016/07/24 Kobe