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Open the Dream Gate Title
(as of 2014/08/17)

[ 日本語 ]

Awarded as the last holder of the Ultimo Dragon Gym Title; officially announced on 04/08/01 in Tokyo with the belt has 04/07/04 as the date.
Masaaki Mochizuki2004/12/16Tokyo
Magnitude Kishiwada2005/11/04Osaka
Ryo Saito2006/02/24Tokyo
Susumu Yokosuka2006/04/23Tokyo
Don Fujii2006/11/23Osaka
Jushin Thunder Liger2007/03/25Tsu
CIMA [2]2007/07/01Kobe
Vacates on 08/06/29 due to neck injury.
Shingo Takagi 2008/07/27 Kobe
Defeats BxB Hulk.
Naruki Doi 2008/12/28 Fukuoka
YAMATO 2010/03/22 Tokyo
Masato Yoshino 2010/07/11 Kobe
Masaaki Mochizuki [2] 2011/04/14 Tokyo
CIMA [3] 2011/12/25 Fukuoka
Shingo Takagi [2] 2013/07/21 Kobe
YAMATO [2] 2013/08/23 Tokyo
Masato Yoshino [2] 2013/10/10 Tokyo
Ricochet 2014/03/02 Osaka
YAMATO [3] 2014/05/05 Nagoya
BxB Hulk 2014/07/20 Kobe
Naruki Doi teams with Kzy, Cyber Kong, & Mondairyu in a handicap match to pin Hulk to become an interim champion; Hulk defeats Doi on 14/08/17 to defend the title.

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