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International Wrestling
International Heavyweight Title

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Serge Dumont76/03/29Montreal, QC
Defeats Johnny Rougeau.
Billy Two Rivers76/08/03Montreal, QC
Edouard Carpentier
Java Ruuk80/02/11Montreal, QC
Edouard Carpentier [2]
Pierre Lefebvre80/08<
Dino Bravo80
Michel Dubois81
Dino Bravo [2]81/06/20
Sailor White82
Dino Bravo [3]82
Vacant in 82.
Rick Martel82/09
Wins tournament.
Billy Robinson82/11<
The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) 83/01/10
Billy Robinson [2]83
Dino Bravo [4]83/03/07Montreal, QC
Rick Martel *83
Dino Bravo *83/09/21Montreal, QC
King Tonga (Haku/Meng) 84/10/09Hull, QC
Dino Bravo [5]85/02/11Montreal, QC
Special referee : Verne Gagne; vacant in 85.
Dino Bravo [6]85/05/28Montreal, QC
Defeats King Tonga; recognized as Canadian Heavyweight champion by WWF during its take-over of Montreal office between 85/08 and 86/01.
Great Samu (Sam Anoia) 86/06/30Montreal, QC
David Schultz 86/11/03?Montreal, QC
Hercules Ayala87/01/19Montreal, QC
Abdullah the Butcher87/02/22Montreal, QC
Promotion closes in 87.

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