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Border City Wrestling
Can-Am Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/03/25)

Canadian Patriot1992/06/13Amherstburg, ON
Defeats Bobby Clancy in tournament final to become the first champion.
Denny Kass1993/03/05Warren, ON
Mickey Doyle1993/05/29LaSalle, ON
Rock Stevens1993/07/04Livonia, MI, USA
Stripped on 93/07/29.
Scott D'Amore1993/08/14Noelville, ON
Defeats Otis Apollo.
Jack Steel1994/05/06North Bay, ON
Scott D'Amore [2]1994/05/07Noelville, ON
Mickey Doyle [2]1994/06/17Wallaceburg, ON
Scott D'Amore [3]1995/03/10Oldcastle, ON
Bruiser Bedlam1995/04/21LaSalle, ON
Scott D'Amore [4]1995/06/23LaSalle, ON
Sabu2000/05/17London, ON
Stripped on 01/03/07.
Tommy Dreamer2001/03/07Oldcastle, ON
Defeats Scott D'Amore and Rhino in 3-way match.
Scott D'Amore [5]2001/04/18Oldcastle, ON
Mikey Whipwreck2001/04/18Oldcastle, ON
Vacates on 01/08/29 at his retirement bash.
Johnny Swinger2001/11/27Oldcastle, ON
Wins 8-man gauntlet match against C.W. Anderson, Larry Destiny, Little Guido, Otis Apollo, Scott D'Amore, Simon Diamond, and Steve Corino.
Brooklyn Brawler #2003/01/15Oldcastle, ON
Wins after accepting an open challenge by Swinger.
Johnny Swinger #2003/01/15
Returned to Swinger when Brawler's reign is voided.
D-Lo Brown2003/03/06Oldcastle, ON
Shane Douglas2003/09/14Belleville, MI, USA
Stripped on 04/07/18 for not making a scheduled title defense.
D-Lo Brown [2]2004/07/18Belleville, MI, USA
Defeats Gangrel.
A-12004/12/12Belleville, MI, USA
Bobby Roode2005/07/22Oldcastle, ON
Abyss2005/09/15Oldcastle, ON
Vacant on 06/07/15 due to lack of defenses.
Tyson Dux 2009/03/28 Windsor, ON
Wins an 8-man gauntlet match; also wins BSE Suicide Six Pack Title on 09/12/05 in Brampton, ON; defeats Derek Wylde on 10/03/18 in Niagara Falls, ON to unify NSP Grand Independent Title to become the first MPW Triple Crown champion.
Robbie McAllister 2010/04/11 Woodstock, ON
Wins MPW Triple Crown Title.
Tyson Dux [2] 2010/04/17 North Bay, ON
Wins MPW Triple Crown Title; again recognized as the champion when BCW restarts in 12/07.
Phil Atlas 2012/08/24 Windsor, ON
Jon Bolen 2014/08/22 Windsor, ON
Still champion as of 15/01/20; Cody Deaner defeats Bobby Roode and Kongo Kong in 3-way match on 15/10/17 in Windosr, ON to become the interim champion.
Cody Deaner 2016/05/28 Windsor, ON
Defeats Bolen to become the undisputed champion.
Kongo Kong 2017/03/25 Windsor, ON
Defeats Deaner and Billy Gunn in 3-way match.