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Last updated on 2012/09/08

Stampede Wrestling
British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title

[ Japanese ]

Dynamite Kid1978/07<
Norman Frederick Charles III1978/09<
Bret Hart 1978/10/14 Edmonton, AB
Dynamite Kid1979/01/06Edmonton, AB
Defeats Bret Hart.
Norman Frederick Charles III [2]1978/06/10?Edmonton, AB
Fighting Hara (Ashura Hara) 1978/07/08 Edmonton, AB
Norman Frederick Charles III [3] 1978/07/13? Regina, SK?
Bret Hart1978/10/14?Edmonton, AB
Dynamite Kid [2]1979/02/02<
Bret Hart [2]1979/06/01<
Dynamite Kid [3]1979/07/07<
Terry Sawyer1979/10/12<
Bret Hart [3]
Dynamite Kid [4]1980/03/24Red Deer, AB
Defeats Keith Hart in tournament final.
Bruce Hart1980/09/19<
Hubert Gallant1981/03/13Calgary, AB
Keith Hart1981/05/09<
Gama Singh1981/11/06<
Bruce Hart [2]1982/01/12Regina, SK
Dick Steinborn1982
Bruce Hart [3]1982
Dynamite Kid [5]1982
Davey Boy Smith1982/07/09Calgary, AB
Vacant in 82.
Danny Davis1982/11/12Calgary, AB
Bruce Hart [4]1983/02/18Calgary, AB
The Cobra (George Takano)1983/09/02Calgary, AB
Sonny Two Rivers (Junji Hirata)1983/11/18Calgary, AB
Ron Starr1984/03/02Calgary, AB
Bruce Hart [5]1984/08/25Edmonton, AB
Gama Singh [2]1985/12/06Calgary, AB
The Cobra [2]1985/12/20Calgary, AB
Gama Singh [3]1985/12/21Edmonton, AB
Bruce Hart [6]1986/04/19Edmonton, AB
Vacant on 86/06/27.
Gama Singh [4]1986/08/01Calgary, AB
Defeats Johnny Smith in tournament final.
Johnny Smith1986/08/08Calgary, AB
Les Thornton1986/09/18Calgary, AB
Owen Hart1986/10/25Edmonton, AB
Gama Singh [5]1987/08/07Calgary, AB
Chris Benoit1988/03/18Calgary, AB
Johnny Smith [2]1988/06/10Calgary, AB
Chris Benoit [2]1988/06/17Calgary, AB
Johnny Smith [3]1988/06/24Calgary, AB
Chris Benoit [3]1989/01/13Calgary, AB
Johnny Smith [4]1989/07/07Dawson Creek, BC
Chris Benoit [4]1989/07/08Grande Prairie, AB
Gama Singh [6]1989/08/04Calgary, AB
Bruce Hart [7]1989/10/14Lethbridge, AB
Promotion closes in 89/12.

Richard Pound1999/11/05Calgary, AB
Defeats Tiger Khan and Greg Pawluk in a three-way match.
Tiger Mahatma Khan2000/06/02Calgary, AB
Stripped in 02/08 for lack of title defenses.
Bruce Hart [8]2002/11/15Calgary, AB
Defeats Kwik Kick and T.J. Wilison in 3-way final of a tournament.
Duke Durango2003/06/20Calgary, AB
T.J. Wilson2004/10/15Calgary, AB
Duke Durango [2]2005/01/14Calgary, AB
Vacates in 05/05.
Pyro Pete Wilson2005/06/17Calgary, AB
Defeats Gama Singh Jr. and Dandy Myers.
Randy Myers2006/05/26Calgary, AB
Chucky Blaze2007/01/12Calgary, AB
Gama Singh Jr.2007/12/14Calgary, AB
Promotion closes in 08/04.

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