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Last updated on 2013/09/21

The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1976 <<

Nick Bockwinkel

01/07Chicago, ILErnie LaddW
01/16Minneapolis, MNBilly RobinsonL (DQ)
01/21Denver, COCrusher LisowskiW (DQ)
01/22Milwaukee, WICrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
02/02San Antonio, TXLes ThorntonW
02/03Winnipeg, MB, CANCrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
02/20St. Paul, MNAndre the GiantD (DDQ)
02/23San Antonio, TXScott CaseyW
03/03Davenport, IAPedro MoralesL (DQ)
03/05Chicago, ILCrusher LisowskiW (DQ)
03/16Davenport, IAPedro MoralesNC
03/19San Antonio, TXChavo GuerreroD (60min)
03/23San Antonio, TXMoondog MayneW
03/25Denver, CORay StevensW (20:04 DQ)
03/31Knoxville, ILBilly FrancisL (DQ)
04/03Green Bay, WICrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
04/07Winnipeg, MB, CANRay StevensW
04/09Peoria, ILBilly FrancisW
04/12Omaha, NERay StevensL (DQ)
04/13Beloit, WIRay StevensL (DQ)
04/26Omaha, NERay StevensW
05/01Minneapolis, MNRay StevensW
05/07Milwaukee, WIRay StevensW
05/21San Antonio, TXTerry FunkW
05/26Lincoln, NEJim Brunzell
05/29Houston, TXJose LotharioD
05/29Houston, TXTerry FunkD
Subbing for NWA World champion Harley Race
06/03Denver, CORay StevensL (20:35 DQ)
06/05Green Bay, WIRay StevensL (DQ)
06/09Winnipeg, MB, CANRay StevensL (DQ)
06/11Rockford, ILRay StevensW (DQ)
06/24Minneapolis, MNBilly RobinsonD (60min)
06/25San Antonio, TXBruiser Brody
07/01Dixon, ILLarry HennigW
07/08Denver, COBilly RobinsonD (60min)
07/09Omaha, NEJim BrunzellW
07/17Green Bay, WIPedro MoralesW
07/20Honolulu, HIBilly White WolfW
07/30Rockford, ILPedro MoralesW
08/06Milwaukee, WIBilly RobinsonD (60min)
08/10Davenport, IABilly RobinsonW (COR)
08/12Denver, COPedro MoralesW (30:07 pin)
08/13Omaha, NEBilly RobinsonD (60min)
08/20Chicago, ILRay StevensW (DQ)
08/26Minneapolis, MNBilly RobinsonW (COR)
09/14Peoria, ILBilly RobinsonW
09/17Milwaukee, WIBilly RobinsonD (DCOR)
09/24Omaha, NEVerne GagneD (DCOR)
09/28Honolulu, HIBill FrancisL (DQ)
09/30Minneapolis, MNRay StevensW
10/01Rockford, ILBilly RobinsonL (DQ)
10/02Green Bay, WIBilly RobinsonW
10/04Tucson, AZJim Brunzell
10/06Winnipeg, MB, CANBilly RobinsonD
10/15Chicago, ILBilly RobinsonD
10/16Toronto, ON, CANDomenic DenucciW (19:49 pin)
10/21 Houston, TX Terry Funk W
11/07Omaha, NEBilly RobinsonW
11/09Davenport, IABilly RobinsonD
11/10Rockford, ILWilbur SnyderW
11/11Denver, CORay StevensW (16:04)
11/20Toronto, ON, CANEdouard CarpentierW (15:18)
11/26Milwaukee, WIRay StevensW
12/03Chicago, ILVerne GagneW
Decision reversed afterwards
12/08Winnipeg, MB, CANRay StevensW (COR)
12/09St. Paul, MNJim BrunzellW
12/11Toronto, ON, CANEdouard CarpentierW (15:57 reverse cradle)
12/14Honolulu, HIPampero FirpoD
12/31Milwaukee, WIGreg GagneW

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