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Last updated on 2013/09/21

The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1977 <<

Nick Bockwinkel

01/05Peoria, ILLarry HennigW
01/06Omaha, NEGreg GagneNC
01/08Toronto, ON, CANStan StasiakW
01/11Davenport, IABilly RobinsonW (DQ)
01/12Winnipeg, MB, CANRay StevensW
01/14Chicago, ILBilly RobinsonW (DQ)
01/20 Houston, TX Rocky Johnson W (DQ)
01/22Minneapolis, MNCrusher LisowskiNC
02/03Omaha, NEBilly RobinsonW
02/05Toronto, ON, CANJay StrongbowW (3:04 submission)
02/08Honolulu, HIJohn TolosW
02/10Atlanta, GATommy RichW
02/11Milwaukee, WICrusher LisowskiL (17:42 DQ)
02/14Davenport, IAGreg GagneNC
02/17St. Paul, MNCrusher LisowskiW
02/24Atlanta, GABob ArmstrongW
03/03Denver, COCrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
03/05Toronto, ON, CANGreg GagneW (pin)
03/08Columbus, GABob Armstrong
03/09Rome, GATommy Rich
03/10Atlanta, GAAdrian AdonisW
03/12Green Bay, WICrusher LisowskiW (DQ)
03/13Augusta, GAMr. Wrestling I (Tim Woods)W
03/14Macon, GAMr. Wrestling IIW
03/15Columbus, GATony Atlas
03/16Rome, GAAdrian Adonis
03/17Atlanta, GAMr. Wrestling IIW
03/24Houston, TXRocky JohnsonW
03/29Davenport, IACrusher LisowskiW (DQ)
03/31Atlanta, GADusty RhodesL (DQ)
04/04Omaha, NECrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
04/05Winnipeg, MB, CANCrusher LisowskiW (DQ)
04/08Rockford, ILCrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
04/14Denver, COCrusher LisowskiW (11:59 pin)
04/16Macon, GAMr. Wrestling IIL (DQ)
04/16Atlanta, GAMr. Wrestling IIW
04/17Augusta, GAMr. Wrestling IIW
04/18Warner Robins, GATommy RichW
04/19Columbus, GATommy Rich
04/22Milwaukee, WICrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
04/23Minneapolis, MNBilly RobinsonW (22:45 TKO)
04/29Chicago, ILBilly RobinsonD
05/12Minneapolis, MNBilly RobinsonW
05/13Omaha, NEBilly RobinsonW (27:19 pin)
05/14Beloit, WICrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
05/15Toronto, ON, CANJim BrunzellD (DDQ)
05/17Honolulu, HIRick MartelW
05/21Green Bay, WICrusher LisowskiL (DQ)
05/28Houston, TXJose Lothario D (1-1; DCOR in 3rd)
06/04Milwaukee, WIRufus R. JonesL (DQ)
06/07Davenport, IARufus R. JonesL (DQ)
06/08Winnipeg, MB, CANJim BrunzellW
06/14Honolulu, HIRuss FrancisL (DQ)
06/17Denver, COGreg GagneW
06/24Milwuakee, WIRufus R. JonesW (DQ)
06/25Toronto, ON, CANRufus R. JonesW (21:03)
06/28Davenport, IARufus R. JonesW
06/30St. Paul, MNVerne GagneL (DQ)
07/04Dixon, ILIgor VodikL (DQ)
07/06Winnipeg, MB, CANAngelo MoscaW
07/07Denver, COWahoo McDanielW (13:54 DQ)
07/16Toronto, ON, CANAngelo MoscaW (16:48)
07/19Honolulu, HITor KamataL (DQ)
07/27Winnipeg, MB, CANAngelo MoscaW (DQ)
07/29Rockford, ILWahoo McDanielW (DQ)
08/02Honolulu, HITor Kamata
08/05Omaha, NEGreg GagneW (21:08)
08/12Chicago, ILVerne GagneW (DQ)
08/18Denver, COWahoo McDanielW (15:15 pin)
08/20Green Bay, WIWahoo McDanielW
08/21Memphis, TNJerry LawlerL (DQ)
08/25Minneapolis, MNGreg Gagne W (COR)
09/10Toronto, ON, CANAngelo MoscaL (COR)
09/14Winnipeg, MB, CANGreg GagneL
Decision reversed afterwards
09/18Memphis, TNJimmy ValiantW
09/22Minneapolis, MNRufus R. JonesW
09/25Memphis, TNJimmy ValiantW
10/03Omaha, NEGreg GagneL (DQ)
10/05Winnipeg, MB, CANGreg GagneL (DQ)
10/06Denver, CORufus R. JonesW
10/13Houston, TXDusty RhodesW
10/14Chicago, ILDick the BruiserW (DQ)
10/18Honolulu, HIDon MuracoW
10/27Houston, TXDusty RhodesW (DQ)
11/03Omaha, NEAndre the GiantNC
11/06Boise, IDRufus R. JonesW
11/10Peoria, ILJim BrunzellL (DQ)
11/11Milwaukee, WIJim BrunzellW (24min pin)
11/15Jackson, MSPork Chop Cash
11/17Denver, COJim BrunzellL (DQ)
11/19Beloit, WIBilly RobinsonL (DQ)
11/25Chicago, ILDick the BruiserW (DQ)
12/27Davenport, IABilly RobinsonL (DQ)

>> 1979

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