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Last updated on 2017/10/22

World Negro Heavyweight Title

  • Listed only to provide a historical information from the segregation era in the United States of America. This website has no intention of racial discrimination whatsoever.

Reginald Siki 1924/01/13<  
Billed as champion in Minneapolis, MN; also billed as champion in Salt Lake City, UT as of 25/10/30; still champion in Dunkirk, NY as of 32/02/20; not Sweet Daddy Siki, who is born in 1940
George Godfrey 1935/01/09 Brussels, BEL
Jack Nelson 1936/03/08<  
Recognized by the National Wrestling Association (The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, UT, 36/03/08); still champion as of 36/04/03.

Jack Claybourne 1941/02/05<  
Billed as champion in Trenton, NJ; also billed as champion in Lowell as of 43/12/03, MA; still champion in Massachusetts as of 44/05/15; also billed as champion in Oakland, CA on 44/11/14, Honolulu, HI on 48/04/07, Blytheville, AR as of 52/04/19, Tuscon, AZ as of 52/05/14, and Springfield, MA as of 54/04/08.

Ras Samara (Seelie Samara) 1941/07/08<  
Billed as champion in Iowa sometime after 41/05/26 for being the "only negro wrestler known"; billed as Haille/Seelie Samara in some states; recognized in Iowa throughout the 40s; also recognized in the mid-40s in other states including Arizona, Montana, Missouri, California, and Washington as well as Alberta; still champion as of 51/04/27; "former" champion in Iowa as of 54/12/10.

Alex Keffner 1941/10/01<  
Claims the title in Milwaukee, WI.

Don Kindred 1946/10/01<  
Claims the title in Akron, OH.

Johnny Cobb 1950/04/15<  
Billed as champion in Janesville, WI.

Frankie James 1954/11/24<  
Billed as champion in Springfield, MA; still champion as of 55/01/17.

Luther Lindsay 1955/12/11<  
Recognized in Texas, Arizona, and possibly other states; still champion in Texas as of 58/12/18 and in Springfield, MA as of 59/11/30; still champion in Arizona as late as 61/03/27; also defeats Shag Thomas on 61/09/12 to be recognized in Seattle, WA; still/again recognized in Salinas, KS as of 63/03/17 and Hawaii as of 66/02/27.

Bobo Brazil 1957/03<  
Recognized in Honolulu, HI.

Sweet Daddy Siki 1959/11/26<  
Billed as champion in Indianapolis, IN.

Bearcat Wright 1962/11/24<  
Billed as champion in Michigan.
Bobo Brazil 1963/10/16<  
Recognized in Georgia and Florida; still/again billed as champion in Lansing, MI and Bridgeport, CT as of 65/03.
Art Thomas 1967/07/09<  
Billed as champion in Orlando, FL; still champion as of 67/08/20.

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