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Last updated on 2017/10/22

World Negro Heavyweight Title
[Iowa & Nebraska]

  • Listed only to provide a historical information from the segregation era in the United States of America. This website has no intention of racial discrimination whatsoever.

Black Panther (Alex Keffner) 1933/03/11<  
Claims the title in Des Moines, IA.
Ras Samara (Seelie Samara) 1941/07/08<  
Billed as champion in Iowa sometime after 41/05/26 for being the "only negro wrestler known"; billed as Haille/Seelie Samara in some states; recognized in Iowa and Nebraska throughout the 40s; still champion as of 51/04/27; "former" champion in Iowa as of 54/12/10.
Ras Samara [2] 1955/03/17<  
Again billed as champion in Iowa, sometime after 54/12/10; still champion as of 55/04/27.