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Last updated on 2016/05/18


  • There were two groups of the midget wrestlers, each of which had its own world title. The midget wrestling was usually for a comedy purpose, and most likely, its "championships" were not actual titles. This list only shows who held title at certain point in time but is not to provide any lineage(s).

Sky Low Low 1949 Paris, FRA
Wins 30-man tournament to become the first World Midgets' champion; still recognized as champion in Wichita Falls, TX as of 51/03/22.
Little Beaver * 1950s
Sonny Boy Cassidy 1953/06/09<
Recognized as champion by non-NWA promoter in Dallas, TX; recognized in Florence, AL as of 57/10.
Farmer Pete 1957/10/04 Florence, AL, USA
Sonny Boy Cassidy [2] 1957/10/11 Florence, AL, USA
Sky Low Low 1960/04/16
Recognized as champion in Minnesota.
Cowboy Bradley 1960/06<
Recognized as champion in Atlanta, GA.
Lord Littlebrook 1966/03<
Sky Low Low 1967<
Recognized as champion in El Paso, TX.
Little Beaver 1967/10/09 El Paso, TX, USA
Repeated in Amarillo, TX on 67/10/12.
Lord Littlebrook 1968/06/28<
Recognized in St. Joseoph, MO; still/again champion in Los Angeles, CA as of 69/11/01 and 72.
Little Beaver 1974/01<
Also defends on 74/07/05 in Calgary.
Little Tokyo 1974/08<
Cowboy Lang 1980/04/25 Calgary, AB, CAN
Little Tokyo 1981/12<
Tiny Tom 1981/12/25 Dallas , TX, USA
Cowboy Lang 1983/05<
Little Tokyo 1983/05/30 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Billed as NWA champion on on an AWA card on 85/09/28 in Chicago, IL.
Little Mr. T 1986/01/12 St. Joseph, MO, USA

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