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World Women's Wrestling Association
World (Men's) Midgets Title

Pretty Atom1970s
The first champion; vacant and inactive in 80s after his retirement.

Little Frankie1990/03/02Matsudo
Defeats Hitoshi (Tomezo) Tsunokake; defeats CMLL world champion Enanito Fili Estrella on 95/06/05 in Tokyo to become the first WMA Unified World Midgets champion.
Tomezo Tsunokake1998/05/05Tokyo
Little Frankie [2]1998/09/15Tokyo
Mr. Buttaman2000/12/03Tokyo
Tomezo Tsunokake [2]2001/02/28Tokyo
Defeats Hiroshi Sorimachi, Buttaman doing a parody of a famous actor Takashi Sorimachi; vacant on 02/04/28 when Tsunokake retires.
Little Frankie [3]2002/08/27Tokyo
Awarded as the permanent champion after his passing on 02/08/15.