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Last updated on 2016/08/07

American Graeco-Roman Heavyweight Title

Andre Christol 1875/10<  
Claims United States Graeco-Roman Title.
William Miller 1875/10/12 New York, NY
Christol continues to claim the title due to injury during the match but loses to Thiebaud Bauer on 75/12/11 in New York, NY in what is billed as for World Graeco-Roman Title; Miller also loses to Bauer on 76/08/29 in Cincinnati, OH in a world title match but is still/again billed as American champion as of 77/02/20.

Ernest Roeber 1891/02/09  
Awarded by the world champion William Muldoon upon his retirement (or 91/12/31; one source says Muldoon awards the title to Ernest Roeber in 87); recognized as world champion after defeating French title claimant Apollon on 92/07/25 in New York, NY (Roeber often billed as world champion previously); announces retirement on 01/11/22.

John Piening 1901/12/06 New York, NY
Defeats Raoul de Cahors and is recognized mainly in northest; also defeats title claimant Nehmed Nachad, who may have been claiming the title, on 02/01/02 in New York, NY; often billed as world champion.
Henry H. Edgeberg 1904/12/02 New York, NY
John Piening [2] 1905/01/19 New York, NY
Still champion as of 07/06/05.

Charles Wittmer 1902/01/07<  
Claims the title in Ohio as late as 03; billed as Cincinnati champion as of 04/01/25.

Herman Bernau 1905/05/14<  
Also billed as Southern and Texas graeco-roman champion.