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Last updated on 2015/08/24

American Collar-and-Elbow Title
[19th Century]

Lieutenant Ainsworth 1863/04<  
Harry Hill 1863/04/14 New York, NY
Hill announces his retirement after the match.
James H. McLaughlin 1866/05/14Newark, NJ
Defeats Louis Ainsworth; Uzile Prickett is billed as champion in Memphis, TN but loses to Tim Waller in Debbysville, OH on 68/06/12; Homer Lane, billed as Western champion, defeats Eastern champion Louis Ainsworth on 68/06/02 in New York, NY to claim the title.
Homer Lane1868/09/01 Oneida, NY
Has already claimed the title, defeating Louis Ainsworth on 68/06/02 in New York, NY to claim the title.
James H. McLaughlin [2]1870/03/30Utica, NY
Has won International Collar & Elbow Wrestling Championship Tournament on 70/03/10 in Detroit, MI.
James Owens 1876/12/27Boston, MA
Loses to William Muldoon on 77/02/06 but continues to claim the title.
Henry M. Dufur1879/06/11Boston, MA
Owens may continue to claim the title and loses to John McMahon on 79/08/06 in New York, NY.
Duncan C. Ross1880/10/11Providence, RI
Henry M. Dufur [2]1880/11/18Providence, RI
John McMahon1880/12/16Boston, MA
Has defeated James Owens for the title on 79/08/06 in New York, NY and been also recognized in Ohio.
Henry M. Dufur [3]1883/12/13Boston, MA
James H. McLaughlin [3]1884/01/28Detroit, MI
Duncan C. Ross [2]1884/03/24Cleveland, OH
Mixed greco-roman, collar-and-elbow, and catch-as-catch-can style match; McLaughlin wins collar-and-elbow portion but loses other two falls.
James H. McLaughlin [4]1884/04/10Detroit, MI
Henry M. Dufur [4]1884/05/03Chicago, IL
James H. McLaughlin [5]1884/06/06Buffalo, NY
Henry M. Dufur [5]1884/07/30Boston, MA
John McMahon [2]1884/10/15Boston, MA
Henry M. Dufur [5] 1887/09/03 Marlboro, MA
Ed Decker 1887/11/10 Swanton, VT
Joe Ryan 1894/08/27<  
Defends the title against Homer Lane in Brooklyn, NY on this day.