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NWA Top of Texas Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/04/26)

Jojo Benitez & Benny Benitez 2011/06
Defeat Kentana & Mark Wilson on 10/11/20 in Amarillo, TX for PWF Title; renamed NWA Amarillo Title on 11/06/20.
Shawn Mills & Mark Wilson 2011/11/05Amarillo, TX
Renamed NWA Top of Texas Title in 12/01.
Jojo Benitez & Benny Benitez [2] 2012/01/07 Amarillo, TX
Weird Science: Nolen Phillips & Josh Jackson 2012/03/10 Amarillo, TX
Jojo Benitez & Benny Benitez [3] 2012/04/07 Amarillo, TX
Ali Gurkha & Sameer Tahreek Muhammed 2012/05/12 Amarillo, TX
Win a gauntlet match also involving Benitez Brothers, J.B. Sneaux & Biohaxxxard, and Josh Jackson & Copycat; vacant in 12/07.
Rhythm & Groove: Coco Ramírez & J.B. Sneaux 2012/09/08 Amarillo, TX
Win tournament.
Ryan Justice & Nitsu Katamoto 2012/10/13 Amarillo, TX
Nathan Briggs & BioHaXxXard 2012/10/20 Amarillo, TX
End Of Dayz: Nemesis & CoCo Ramirez 2013/01/19 Amarillo, TX
Nathan Briggs & BioHaXxXard [2] 2013/02/16 Amarillo, TX
Ryan Justice & Shane Garrett 2013/05/04 Amarillo, TX
Vacant in 13/07.
Jake Logan & Nolen Phillips 2013/08/03 Amarillo, TX
Win vacant title.
Absolute Rebels: Jake Logan & Cody Jones 2013/08/17 Amarillo, TX
Defeat Weird Science: Nolen Phillips & Josh Jackson.
Canadian Pitbulls: Arik Angel & Elias Castenada 2013/11/16 Amarillo, TX
Dirt Road Dynasty: Jake Logan & BioHaXxXard 2014/04/19 Amarillo, TX
Fate Inc.: Josh Jackson & Joey Armstrong 2014/04/26 Amarillo, TX
Contract Killers: Tony Morales & Rexx Reed 2014/06/21 Amarillo, TX
Dirt Road Dynasty: Rex Logan & Jay Hazzard 2014/08/24 Amarillo, TX

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