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Panhandle Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title

Pain Inc.: Widowmaker & Mosh Pit Mike2007/04/28Amarillo, TX
Defeat Revolution: Austin Riley & Ricky Romero III to become the first champions.
Team 3G: Mike DiBiase & Ricky Romero III2007/07/07Amarillo, TX
Defeat Pain Inc. and Texas Heart Throbs: Brice Payne & Shawn Sanders in a 3-way match.
Li Fang & Lee Kazlow 2008/04/14<
Austin Riley & Cody Jones 2008/08<
New West Texas Outlaws: Dice Murdoch & Matt Maverick2008/08Amarillo, TX
Sometime before 08/08/23; vacant on 08/12/06 when Maverick is forced to retire due to back injuries.
Canadian Sex Pistols: Shawn Mills & Cody Jones2009/01/10Amarillo, TX
Defeat Shawn Sanders & Mark Wilson; still champions as of 09/03/30.
Texas Icons: Chad Thomas & Michael Faith 2009/06/17<
Canadian Sex Pistols #2009/06/20Amarillo, TX
Texas Icons #2009/06/27
Awarded back due to a controversial ending of the match; stripped on 09/07/19 after Cody Jones defeats Chad Thomas with special stipulation.
Canadian Sex Pistols [2]2009/07/25Amarillo, TX
Defeat Chad Thomas & Mark Wilson; still champions as of 09/08/20.
Texas Heart Throbs: Brice Payne & Shawn Sanders 2010/04/17<
Still champions as of 10/06/26.
Nathan Briggs & Jake Logan 2010/10/23<
Kentana & Mark Wilson 2010/11<
Jojo Benitez & Benny Benitez2010/11/20Amarillo, TX
Renamed NWA Amarillo Title on 11/06/20.

* See NWA Amarillo Tag Team Title.