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Last updated on 2016/12/07

Southwest States Junior Heavyweight Title
[W. Texas]

Al Getz1947/08/21Amarillo, TX
Defeats Tex Watkins in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Wayne Martin1948/02/19Amarillo, TX
Billy Weidner1948/09/09Amarillo, TX
Wayne Martin [2]1948/10/14Amarillo, TX
Dick Trout1948/12/09Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk 1948/12/23Amarillo, TX
Wayne Martin [3] 1949/01/13 Amarillo, TX
Wins by DQ.
Dory Funk [2] 1949/10/21<
Wayne Martin [4]1950/02/11Hereford, TX
Frank Murdoch1950/05/18Amarillo, TX
Ray Clements1950/07/26Lubbock, TX
Frank Murdoch [2]1950/08/03Amarillo, TX
Bob Cummings 1950/09/04 Abilene, TX
Dory Funk [3] 1950/10/19Amarillo, TX
Frank Murdoch [3]1951/06/13Lubbock, TX
Dizzy Davis 1951/11/01Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [4] 1951/12/17 Abilene, TX
Tony Morelli 1952/04/03Amarillo, TX
Ace Abbott # 1952/06/16 Abilene, TX
State Commission orders a rematch because the referee's bias toward Abbott.
Tony Morelli # 1952/06/23 Abilene, TX
Defeats Abbott in rematch.
Cowboy Carlson1952/07/10Amarillo, TX
Gory Guerrero1952/09/02El Paso, TX
Ivan Kalmikoff1952/10/16Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [5] 1953/02/17San Angelo, TX
Roger Mackay1953/07/09Amarillo, TX
Vacant or held up after a match against Dory Funk in Austin, TX sometime between 53/08/17 and 53/10/22 (fictitious?).
Dory Funk [6] 1953/10/29 Amarillo, TX
Also wins the claim to the United States champion in the same match.
Roy Shire 1954/05/06 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [7] 1954/05/13Amarillo, TX
Vacates voluntarily on 54/07/15 to move up to the heavyweight division.
Bob Geigel 1954/09/30Amarillo, TX
Defeats Pepper Gomez in a 24-man tournament final; vacant in 55/08 after Geigel leaves the territory.
Roy Heffernan1955/10/27Amarillo, TX
Defeats Art Nelson (Art Neilson) in tournament final, but the title is held up due to controversial ending.
Art Nelson 1955/11/03 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Heffernan in rematch.
Dizzy Davis [2] 1956/01/24 Odessa, TX
Sonny Myers1956/04/26Amarillo, TX
Bob Orton 1956/06/08 Borger, TX
Repeated on 56/06/13 in Lubbock, TX, 56/06/18 in Abilene, TX, and in most likely other towns; billed as Southwestern States Heavyweight Title during Orton's reign; Babe Zaharias substitutes for the injured Orton on 56/07/16 Abilene, TX and loses to Hans Schnabel; Orton is again billed as champion in Abilene as of 56/09/10.
Bob Geigel [2] 1956/09/19 Lubbock, TX
Dizzy Davis [3] 1956/10/25 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [8] 1956/11/15 Amarillo, TX
Great Bolo 1957/02/14 Amarillo, TX
Reigning North American Heavyweight champion, wins a double title match.
Dory Funk [9] 1957/02/28 Amarillo, TX
Wins both titles.

* Unified with NWA North American Heavyweight Title.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling (facebook page).