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River City Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/09/07)

This title is controlled by one of those independent promotions that does/did not post its match results consistently. Please do not expect frequent updates or more detail/accuracy for this page. If you have additional information for this title, please send in!

Nerdy Boys: Kris Kronie & Johnny Ender2006/02/25San Antonio, TX
Defeat The Texas Treats in the tournament finals to become the first champions.
Texas Treats: Don Juan & Chris Marval2006/06/23San Antonio, TX
Shadow Alliance: Joey Spector & Wally Darkmon2006/06/23San Antonio, TX
Texas Treats [2]2006/08/05San Antonio, TX
Defeat The Shadow Alliance and The Nerdy Boys in 3-way match.
Coalition of Caucasian Knights: The Messiah & Scott McKenzie2007/01/27San Antonio, TX
Hardbodies: Joey Spector & Andy Dalton2007/03/10San Antonio, TX
Texas Treats [3]2007/09/09San Antonio, TX
Promotion inactive between 07/11 and 08/08; continue to hold the title when the promotion resumes.
Big Time Playas: Scott McKenzie & Danny Matthews2008/10/25San Antonio, TX
Declared vacant on 09/03/11 due to Matthews' injury.
HNIC: Big Dogg & Weazy Woo2009/03/21San Antonio, TX
Defeat the Gulf Coast Connection: Ben Galvan & Rudy Russo.
Hotstuff Hernandez & Ryan Genesis2009/03/22San Antonio, TX
HNIC: Big Dogg & Keith Lee2009/05/23San Antonio, TX
Defeat Genesis & Ben Galvan (subbing for Hernandez).
Keith Lee & The Gulf Coast Connection: Ben Galvan & Rudy Russo2009/07/18San Antonio, TX
Lee does not bring his belt and announces only Dogg's half is on the line; Russo pins Dogg while Lee keeps his half of the title.
Keith Lee2009/08/01San Antonio, TX
Defeats the Gulf Coast Connection in a handicap match.
HNIC: Keith Lee & Jerome Daniels2009/08/15San Antonio, TX
Lee is ordered to select a tag team partner and chooses Daniels.
Texas Hitmen: Big Dogg & Skitzo2009/08/15San Antonio, TX
Ann Dromeda & SKAM-132009/09/05San Antonio, TX
Texas Hitmen [2]2010/02/06San Antonio, TX
Jax Dane & Ryan Sorenson2010/06/05San Antonio, TX
Declared vacant in 10/08 due to Sorenson's knee injury and Dane's absence on the 10/08/07 event.
Southern Sex Appeal: Scott McKenzie & Danny Matthews [2]2010/11/06San Antonio, TX
Lose as the Big Time Playaz in the first round of the tournament; brought back again by the commissioner with the new name; defeat Ann Dromeda & Numero Dos, The Karate Kids, and Ryan Sorenson & SKAM-13 in 4-corners final.
San Antonio's Most Unwanted: Joey Spector & Nemesis & Pink & Major Mike & Chris Sifuentes2010/12/11San Antonio, TX
Spector & Nemesis defeat Ann Dromeda & King Numero Dos, The Karate Kids, and Southern Sex Appeal in 4-way match; on 11/01/08, a ruling is made to allow all five members of The Unwanted to be recognized as champions and thus can defend the title as a group.
Alissa Flash & Darci Drake2011/05/05San Antonio, TX
Gulf Coast Connection: Ben Galvan & Rudy Russo & A.J. Summers2011/09/03San Antonio, TX
Honkey Kong & Jingo Wallabee2011/10/01San Antonio, T
Defeat Russo & Summers.
Team Insanity: Muerte & Nemesis2012/01/07San Antonio, TX
Defeat Wallabee & Kong, Gulf Coast Connection, and Steve McEnroe & Quinten Allen in a gauntlet match.
Team DP: Darci Drake & Reyna Pink2012/03/03San Antonio, TX
Defeat Team Insanity and Big Dogg & Rick David in 3-way match.
Paloma's Talent Agency: Kissey & Chico Latino2012/04/14San Antonio, TX
The Kong Family: Honkey Kong & Baby Kong & Kyra Maya2012/06/02San Antonio, TX
Defeat Chico Latino & Claudia Del Solis.
The Headhunters2012/08/04San Antonio, TX
Stripped on 12/09/17.
Joey Spector & Michael Patrick2013/04/06San Antonio, TX
Defeat Jose Guerra & Ryan Oshun, Honkey Kong & Jingo Wallabee, and Muerte & Jeremiah Jones in 4-way match.
Aces & Eights: Doc & Knux2013/06/08San Antonio, TX
Defeat Joey Spector & Michael Patrick & Rob Love.
Hernandez & Michael Faith2013/09/07San Antonio, TX
Vacant on 14/01/04 when Faith wins the Heavyweight Title.
Mr. B & Nemesis 2014/01/24 San Antonio, TX
Defeat Honkey Kong & Koty Price.
Ryan Oshun & Rob Love 2014/03/14 San Antonio, TX
Mr. B & Nemesis [2] 2014/03/28 San Antonio, TX
Honkey Kong & Koty Price 2014/04/12 San Antonio, TX
Defeat Mr. B & Nemesis, Ryan Oshun & Rob Love, and Bigg Dogg & Skitzo in 4-way match.
Hernandez & Joey Spector 2014/08/09? San Antonio, TX
Delilah Doom & Thomas Shire 2015/06/12 San Antonio, TX
Dylan Dunbar & Donny Brookes 2015/09/11 San Antonio, TX
Vacant sometime between 16/02/03 and 16/09/06.
Towers of Pain: Lance Hoyt & Paul Titan 2016/10/07 San Antonio, TX
Defeat Michael Faith & Brandon Groom; vacant in 17/02 due to Hoyt's injury.
Anthony Andrews & Paul Titan 2017/03/10 Selma, TX
Defeat the Arrow Club: Kyle Hawk & Ky-ote.
Love & Marriage: Rob Love & Brandon Groom 2017/07/14 San Antonio, TX