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River City Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/12/11)

This title is controlled by one of those independent promotions that does/did not post its match results consistently. Please do not expect frequent updates or more detail/accuracy for this page. If you have additional information for this title, please send in!

Jeromy Sage2003/05Seguin, TX
Defeats Paul Diamond to become the first champion; declared vacant in 04/02.
Kazushi Miyamoto2005/10/22San Antonio, TX
Defeats Chris Marval.
Hotstuff Hernandez2005/12/17San Antonio, TX
Ikaika2006/12/02San Antonio, TX
Defeats Sicodelico Jr., subbing for Hernandez.
Masada2007/03/10San Antonio, TX
Rory Fox2007/09/09San Antonio, TX
Ikaika [2]2007/10/20San Antonio, TX
Promotion inactive between 07/11 and 08/08; stripped on 09/03/21.
Keith Lee2009/04/11San Antonio, TX
Wins a gauntlet match.
Big Dogg2009/06/06San Antonio, TX
Defeats Keith Lee, Ryan Genesis, and Ben Galvan in 4-way match.
Jerome Daniels2009/08/01San Antonio, TX
Keith Lee [2]2009/08/15San Antonio, TX
SKAM-132009/10/24San Antonio, TX
Held up after a match against Jojo Bravo ends with a double pinfall on 10/03/06.
SKAM-13 [2]2010/04/03San Antonio, TX
Wins rematch.
Joey Spector2010/06/05San Antonio, TX
Defeats SKAM-13, Weazy Woo, and Sicodelico Jr. in 4-way match.
Alissa Flash2010/08/07San Antonio, TX
Vacates on 10/11/06.
Lance Hoyt2010/12/11San Antonio, TX
Defeats Jax and Ray Rowe in 3-way match.
Girard St. Christopher2011/03/05San Antonio, TX
Defeats Hoyt and Ray Rowe in 3-way match.
Ray Rowe2011/06/04San Antonio, TX
Defeats St. Christopher and Hernandez in 3-way match.
A.J. Summers2012/01/07San Antonio, TX
Ben Galvan2012/05/05San Antonio, TX
Jingo Wallabee2012/07/07San Antonio, TX
Michael Faith2012/09/01San Antonio, TX
Defeats Steve McEnroe and Hernandez in 3-way match when Wallabee is injured.
Sicodelico Jr. 2013/04/06San Antonio, TX
Wins 4-way match against Faith, Ring King Don Juan, and Hernandez.
Steve McEnroe2013/06/22San Antonio, TX
Christian Valenz2013/09/07San Antonio, TX
Michael Faith [2] 2014/01/04 San Antonio, TX
Hernandez 2014/03/14 San Antonio, TX
Joey Spector 2014/05/31 San Antonio, TX
Billy Madison 2014/07/12 San Antonio, TX
Teams with Hernandez to defeat Spector & Nard in a tag team match; vacant in 14/09.
Koty Price 2014/10/10 San Antonio, TX
Defeats Joey Spector in tournament final.
Skitzkrieg 2015/01/09 San Antonio, TX
Wins in a tag team match, teaming with Viktor Tadlock against Price & MASADA.
Michael Faith [3] and Brandon Groom 2016/05/06 Cibolo, TX
Both pin Skitzkrieg at the same time in a 3-way match(?) to become co-champions.
Michael Faith [3] 2016/09/03 Kerrville, TX
Defeats Groom in unification match.
Jeff Jarrett 2017/01/27 San Antonio, TX
Defeats Faith and Brandon Groom in 3-way match.
Rockstar Spud 2017/03/18 Clarksville, TN
Declared vacant on 17/08/02 when Spud cannot leave England to defend the title.