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NWA Mountain Empire Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/08/16)

Chase Owens 2011/03/24 Morristown, TN
Defeats Jason Kincaid to become the first champion; replaces Smoky Mountain Television Title.
Sigmon 2012/05/05 Kingsport, TN
Chase Owens [2] 2012/08/22 Lancing, TN
Vacates in 13 since he also holds the World Junior Heavyweight Title.
Josh Crawford 2013/06/01 Rogersville, TN
Wins 5-way ladder match.
Vince Brent 2013/09/07 Rogersville, TN
Sigmon [2] 2013/10/04 Rogersville, TN
Daniel Mulligan 2014/04/12 Rogersville, TN
Cody Blade 2014/08/16 Kingsport, TN
Smoky Mountain Television champion, defeats Mulligan, Nick Hammonds, and Jeff Connelly Mountain Empire Heavyweight to unify both titles.

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