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Last updated on 2016/09/26

Championship Wrestling Association
International Heavyweight Title

* Often referred to as "AWA International Heavyweight Title".

Austin Idol 1983/02 Tokyo, JPN *
Billed as having defeated Terry Funk.
Jerry Lawler1983/03/07Memphis, TN
Ken Patera1983/05/16Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [2]1983/07/25Memphis, TN
Ken Patera [2]1983/08/15Memphis, TN
Austin Idol [2]1983/09/10Memphis, TN
Stan Hansen1983/09/12Memphis, TN
Austin Idol [3]1983/10/03Memphis, TN
Randy Savage1984/04/23Memphis, TN
Austin Idol [4]1984/05/14Memphis, TN
Oriental Connection (Masao Ito) 1984/06/16Memphis, TN
Tommy Rich1984/07/09Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert1984/08/27Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell1984/09/17Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [2]1984/09/23Memphis, TN
By forfeit after The Nightmare attacks Mantell.
Terry Taylor1984/12/30Memphis, TN
Phil Hickerson1985/07/07Jackson, TN
Terry Taylor [2]1985/07/15Memphis, TN
Phil Hickerson [2]1985/07/22Memphis, TN
Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie) 1985/09/30Memphis, TN
Wins by COR.
Phil Hickerson [3]1985/10/21Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [2]1985/11/09Memphis, TN
Rick Casey (Wendell Cooley) 1986/02/02Memphis, TN
Abdul Khadafy (Danny Miller) 1986/03/03Memphis, TN
Billy Travis1986/03/24Memphis, TN
Bill Dundee1986/05/05Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [3]1986/07/19Nashville, TN
Vacant on 86/09/08 when Lawler wins Southern title.
Big Bubba (Fred Ottman) 1986/10/06Memphis, TN
Soul Train Jones (Virgil) 1987/01/05Memphis, TN
Chick Donovan1987/04/20Memphis, TN
Bill Dundee [2] 1987/05/30Memphis, TN
George Barnes1987/08/17Memphis, TN
Bill Dundee [3]1987/08/31Memphis, TN
Vacant on 87/10/11 when Dundee wins AWA World Tag Team Title.
Bill Dundee [4]1987/10/27Nashville, TN
Wins tournament.
Manny Fernandez1987/11/02Memphis, TN
Unified with CWA Heavyweight title on 87/12/07 in Memphis, TN.