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Last updated on 2017/03/23

International Wrestling Association
Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title

Hardam Kadafi 2008/07/19 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Vengador Boricua in tournament final to become the first champion.
Vengador Boricua 2008/09/06Bayamón, PR
Teams with Bacano and defeat Los Árabes: Kadafi & Harcore champion Zaeir Arafat; Bacano also wins the Harcore Title.
Hardam Kadafi [2] 2008/09/13 Bayamón, PR
Noel Rodriguez 2008/10/04 Bayamón, PR
Wins a 9-man elimination triple title match that also involves unify Hardcore champion Niche and Extreme Cruiserweight champion Onix to unify both titles.
Chris Joel 2008/12/12 Yauco, PR
Wins in a tag team match, teaming Chicano to face Rodriguez & Black Devil.
Rick Stanley 2009/02/14 Bayamón, PR
Chris Joel [2] 2009/04/18 Bayamón, PR
El Bacano 2009/08/16 Cataño, PR
Chicano 2009/12/12 Bayamón, PR
Vacates on 09/12/13 when Chicano leaves the promotion.
Ricky Cruzz 2010/01/30 Levittown, PR
Wins a hardcore rumble match.
Q.T. Marshall 2010/03/20 Las Piedras, PR
Ricky Cruzz # 2010/05/15 Bayamón, PR
Q.T. Marshall # 2010/05/15 Bayamón, PR
Title stripped off from Cruzz and awarded back to Marshall immediately.
Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) 2010/07/17 Bayamón, PR
Dennis Rivera 2010/09/10 Yabucoa, PR
Stripped on 10/11/20 for not defending the title.
Noel Rodriguez [2] 2010/12/05 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Spectro.
Damian 2011/01/22 Aguas Buenas, PR
Xix Xavant 2011/02/26 Yabucoa, PR
Reigning IWA Caribbean champion, wins double title match; title officially retired/unified on 11/08/07.

* See IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Title.