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International Wrestling Association
Intercontinental Heavyweight Title

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Super Crazy02/02/23Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Eddy Guerrero to become the first champion.
El Lobo02/04/06Carolina, PR
Super Crazy [2]02/04/13Bayamón, PR
Wins by forfeit when Lobo is injured.
Anarchy02/04/20Bayamón, PR
Chicano02/05/18Caguas, PR
El Lobo [2]02/08/24Toa Baja, PR
Stripped on 02/10/05 due to shoulder injury.
Justin Sane02/10/05Yauco, PR
Defeats Diabolico.
Eric Alexander02/11/02Bayamón, PR
Abyss (Prince Justice)02/12/14Carolina, PR
Shane The Glamour Boy02/12/15San German, PR
Nord03/03/08Toa Baja, PR
Chicano03/04/19Bayamón, PR
Ricky Banderas03/07/26Bayamón, PR
David Flair03/11/28Manati, PR
Defeats Ray González.
Ray González03/11/30Mayaguez, PR
Shane The Glamour Boy [2]04/04/24Cayey, PR
Bison04/11/20Bayamón, PR
Slash Venom05/02/12Caguas, PR
Ricky Banderas [2]05/03/27Guayanilla, PR
Defeats Kasey James.
Jean-Pierre Lafitte05/04/16Caguas, PR
Hannibal05/09/29Gurabo, PR
Noriega05/10/09Toa Baja, PR
Mr. Big06/01/06Toa Baja, PR
Ray Gonzalez [2]06/04Bayamón, PR
Stripped on 06/06/18.
Magificent Chris06/07/15Toa Baja, PR
Wins a battle royal, last eliminating Joe Bravo.
Chicano [3]06/10/14Caguas, PR
Mr. Big [2]07/01/05Isabela, PR
Lightning07/01/20Levittown, PR
El Diamante07/04/15Isabela, PR
Jeff Jeffrey07/05/19Carolina, PR
Defeats El Diamante in tag team match; stripped on 07/07/28 when Jeffrey jumps to WWC.
Big Vito07/08/18Bayamón, PR
Defeats El Bacano; vacates in 07.
Richard Rondon08/01/06Bayamón, PR
Wins a royal rumble.
Superstar Romeo08/03/16Caguas, PR
Richard Rondon [2] 08/05/17 Bayamón, PR
Vacant on 08/07/12.
Superstar Romeo [2] 08/07/19 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Mr. Big.
Mr. Big 08/07/27Bayamón, PR
Richard Rondon [3] 08/08/23 Toa Baja, PR
Joe Bravo 08/10/04 Bayamón, PR
Super Crazy 09/02/14 Bayamón, PR
Rick Stanley 09/05/16 Bayamón, PR
Joe Bravo [2] 09/10/10 Bayamón, PR
Dennis Rivera 09/11/28 Sabana Grande, PR
Joe Bravo [3] 10/01/16 Aguas Buenas, PR
Noel Rodriguez 10/04/17 Bayamón, PR
Gilbert 10/06/26 Bayamón, PR
Diabólico 10/08/07 Toa Alta, PR
Chris Angel 10/12/06 Bayamón, PR
El Ilegal 11/10/28 Toa Alta, PR
Zcion 12/02/11 Toa Alta, PR
Wins 4-way match against El Ilegal, Jay-cobs, and Enigma; still champion as of 12/03/17.

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