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Pro Wrestling eXpress ( 1996/01 - 2001/06 )
NWA East/Pro Wrestling eXpress ( 2001/06/23 - 2006/12/30 )
Atlas Wrestling Company ( 2007/04/21 - 2007/11/17 )
NWA East/Pro Wrestling eXpress ( 2007/11/17 - )
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/02/18)

Sean Evans & Vince Charming 1996/01/06 N. Versalles, PA
Defeat Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas in tournament final.
Wrong Crowd: Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas 1996/02/17 N. Versalles, PA
J.B. Destiny & Ron Williams 1996/05/25 N. Versalles, PA
Defeat Anthony & Bone Crusher subbing for Atlas.
Paul Atlas & Black Cat 1996/07/20 N. Versalles, PA
Defeat Destiny & Bubba The Bulldog, subbing for Williams.
Giant Hillbillies: Gator & Country Boy Chris 1996/09/27 N. Versalles, PA
Stevie Richards & Blue Meanie 1996/12/13 N. Versalles, PA
J.B. Destiny & Dennis Gregory 1996/12/14 Herminie, PA
Stix'n'Stones: Bone Crusher & Quinn Magnum 1997/03/14 N. Versalles, PA
Gator & Col. Payne 1997/03/28
Wrong Crowd [2] 1997/11/22
Gator & Col. Payne [2] 1998/04/24
Mr. Big & Jimmy Angel 1998/05/15
Stripped on 98/05/16.
Bomb Squad: Col. Payne & Bone Crusher 1998/05/16
Robert Gibson & Vince Kaplack 1998/06/25
Wrong Crowd [3] 1998/06/26
T. Rantula & Quinn Magnum 1999/01/16 N. Versalles, PA
Quinn Magnum & Mad Mike 1999/03/26
T. Rantula is replaced with Mike after leaving the promotion.
Boomer Payne & J.B. Destiny 1999/04/24 N. Versailles, PA
The Kaplacks: Vincent Kaplack & Brandon K. 1999/06/17 N. Versailles, PA
Kingdom James & Homicide 1999/11/06 Johnstown, PA
Defeat Brandon & Cory Kaplack, subbing for Vince.
Lou Marconi & Paul Atlas 2000/01/14 N. Versailles, PA
Defeat James in handicap match when Homicide no-shows.
Kingdom James & Shawn Patrick 2000/05/19 N. Versailles, PA
Armageddon: Rapture & Revelation 2000/07/28 N. Versailles, PA
Defeat Patrick & Orion, subbing for James.
Bubba The Bulldog & Homicide 2000/10/06 McKeepsort, PA
Shirley Doe & Devil Bhudakhan 2000/10/28 McKeesport, PA
J-Ru & J.B. Destiny 2001/02/17 McKees Rocks, PA
Defeat Doe & The Mantis, subbing for Bhudakhan; Vacated for unification tournament in 01/06.
The Mon Valley Monsters: Cory K & Big Poppa Gator 2001/06/23McKeesport, PA
Defeat Armageddon in tournament final to unify NWA East, PWX, and PWL titles.
Boomer Payne2001/07/21McKeesport, PA
Wins title by defeating Cory K.
J-Ru & Tommy Brown2001/08/18McKeesport, PA
New Age Horsemen: Paul Atlas & Jimmy Anjel 2001/10/06McKeesport, PA
Defeat J-Ru & Dash Bennett, subbing for Brown.
Axl Law & Scott Venom2001/12/15McKeesport, PA
Bison & Rapture2002/01/02McKeesport, PA
Defeat the New Era Horsemen: Daron Smythe & Jimmy Anjel to unify NLW Tag Team Title on 02/03/02 in McKeesport, PA.
Premiere Players: Dash Bennett & Daron Smythe 2002/03/30McKeesport, PA
Mad Mike & Sterling James Keenan2002/04/26McKeesport, PA
Premiere Players [2]2002/05/24McKeesport, PA
Defeat Mad Mike, Brandon K, & Sterling James Keenan in a "winner-takes-all" 6-man elimination match when Paul Atlas pins Mike.
Dirk Ciglar & Brandon K2002/07/19McKeesport, PA
Premiere Players [3]2002/08/17Triadelphia, WV
Defeat Ciglar & Mr. Bigg, subbing for injured Brandon K.
Chris Taylor & Lance Dayton2003/02/15McKeesport, PA
J.B. Destiny & Scott Venom2003/08/30McKeesport, PA
Better Than You: All Business Brant & Scott Venom 2004/06/19McKeesport, PA
Da Munchies: Dick Trimmins & Shiek Abdul Hassan 2004/08/14McKeesport, PA
Better Than You [2]2004/09/11McKeesport, PA
Tri Chi Fraternity: Hammer & Blitzz 2004/10/09McKeesport, PA
Da Munchies [2]2005/02/05McKeesport, PA
Defeat Tri Chi Fraternity & Extreme: Squigg & McGrath in an elimination match.
Brandon K. & Quinn Magnum2005/09/17McKeesport, PA
Vacant in 06.
Bigg & Nikita Allanov2006/03/25McKeesport, PA
Defeat Devin Devine & Chris Taylor.
987: Scottie Gash & Crusher Hansen 2006/05/14McKeesport, PA
Devil's Advocates: Devil Bhudakahn & Jake Garrett 2006/08/26McKeesport, PA
Defeat Da Munchies and Scottie Gash in a 3-way match; vacate on 06/12/30.
Straight Jacket Mafia: Sean Dahmer & Apollyon2007/04/21McKeesport, PA
Defeat James Ross & Guido Corleone and Dash Bennett & Kid Cupid in a 3-way elimination match to be recognized as AWC champions.
Franchise Players: Jon Kronica & Max Alexander 2007/12/22McKeesport, PA
Iron Justice: Matthew Justice & Gregory Iron 2008/03/01 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Franchise Players and Straight Jacket Mafia: Sean Dahmer & Apollyon in a 3-way match.
Straight Jacket Mafia [2] 2008/08/23McKeesport, PA
Patrick Hayes & Ashton Amhurst 2008/09/06 McKeesport, PA
Stripped on 08/12/31 when Patrick refuses to show up for the title defense on 09/01/17.
Franchise Players: Jon Kronica & Robert Beverly 2009/04/11 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Blue Dragon & Blue Dragon in tournament final.
Double Dragon 2009/07/17 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Franchise Players and Excellence Personified in a 3-way match.
Da Munchies: Dick Trimmins & 2 Kool Abdul 2009/09/26 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Double Dragon and Straight Jacket Mafia: Sean Dahmer & Apollyon in a 3-way match; vacant on 09/10/21 when the team splits.
Golden Reign: Robert Parker Williams & Ryan Reign 2010/01/30 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Straight Jacket Mafia: Sean Dahmer & Apollyon and Travis Fame & Piston Wiley in a 3-way match.
Hellraisers: Travis Fame & Apollyon 2010/04/24 McKeesport, PA
Mon Valley Monsters: Gator & Beast 2010/05/08 McKeesport, PA
Golden Reign [2] 2010/09/25 McKeesport, PA
Excellence Personified: Scottie Gash & Brandon K. 2010/12/18 McKeesport, PA
Uprising: Sean Dahmer & Payton Graham 2011/02/25 McKeesport, PA
Excellence Personified [2] 2011/05/21 McKeesport, PA
Shirley Doe Experience: Shirley Doe & Apollyon 2011/09/03 McKeesport, PA
Crusher Hansen & Tony Hansen 2011/11/03 McKeesport, PA
Iron City Monsters: Beast & Gator 2011/11/19 McKeesport, PA
Order of Total Oblivion: Shirley Doe & Apollyon 2012/04/14 McKeesport, PA
Greatest American Villains: Dash Bennett & Robert Parker Williams 2013/05/04 McKeesport, PA
Legion: Robert Parker Williams & Apollyon 2013/05/04 McKeesport, PA
Revolution: Quinn Magnum & T. Rantula 2013/07/13 McKeesport, PA
Initiative 51: Troy Lords & A.J. Storm 2013/08/09 McKeesport, PA
Payton Graham & Deion Cruize 2013/09/07 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Initiative 51 and the Revolution: T. Rantula & Brandon K in a 3-way match.
Payton Graham & Ethan Wright 2013/11/02 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Cruize & Alex Matthews after Graham and Cruize split.
Shirley Doe & The Fan Guy 2013/12/06 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Graham & Wright and Revolution: Dean Radford & The Beast in 3-way match.
Revolution: Dean Radford & The Beast 2014/01/04 McKeesport, PA
Golden Triangle: G.Q. Hayden Ferra & Dean Radford 2014/04/12 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Radford in handicap match.
Enforcing Officials: Crusher Hansen & Maxx Daniels 2014/05/24 McKeesport, PA
Defeat the Golden Triangle and System Elite: Edric Everhart & Tyler Cross in 3-way match.
Golden Triangle: Slice & Brittany Force 2014/10/25 McKeesport, PA
Enforcing Officials [2] 2014/11/29 McKeesport, PA
Defeat the Golden Triangle and System Elite: Edric Everhart & Tyler Cross in 3-way match.
Hellfire Club: Beastman & Kriss Stark 2015/03/14 McKeesport, PA
Brandon K & Jack Pollock 2015/06/27 McKeesport, PA
Martial Law: Drake Braddock & Ego 2015/08/29 McKeesport, PA
Enforcers: Crusher Hansen & Maxx Daniels [3] 2015/11/21 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Martial Law, Hellfire Club: Shirley Doe & Beastman, System Elite: Ty Cross & Edric Everhart, and Nick Nero & Ace Austin in gauntlet match.
The Order: Lee Moriarty & Dirk Ciglar 2015/12/05 McKeesport, PA
Resurrection: Shawn Phoenix & Ron Hunt 2016/06/11 McKeesport, PA
Justin Idol & Chris Taylor 2016/09/03 McKeesport, PA
Stripped on 16/10/01 when Heavyweight champion Brandon K defeats Taylor in a "Stripped and Crowned" match, also involving Three Rivers champion Crusher Hansen, Television champion David Lawless, and Futures Cup holder Sonny Vice.
The Order: Christian Black & Ron Hunt 2016/10/01 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Lewis & Drake Braddock and Shirley Doe & Shawn Phoenix in 3-way match.
Team Mega: Ashton Amherst & J.R. Mega 2016/11/19 McKeesport, PA