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International Wrestling Cartel
World Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/12/09)

Powerhouse Hughes2001/03/17McKees Rocks, PA
Wins 6-way elimination match; vacant in 01/08 due to injury.
Orion2001/09/20McKees Rocks, PA
Defeats Jimmy Vegas in tournament final.
Jimmy Vegas2002/03/02W. Mifflin, PA
C.M. Punk2002/04/13Monroeville, PA
Vacant in 02 due to injury.
Colt Cabana2002/07/20Cannonsburg, PA
Defeats Shirley Doe in tournament final.
Dennis Gregory2002/12/06W. Mifflin, PA
Jimmy Vegas2002/12/06W. Mifflin, PA
Dennis Gregory [2]2003/06/28Prospect, PA
James Keenan2003/11/01W. Mifflin, PA
Dean Radford2004/03/20W. Mifflin, PA
Eric Xtasy2004/05/08W. Mifflin, PA
Shirley Doe2004/09/25Monroeville, PA
Balls Mahoney2004/11/13Wilmerding, PA
Shirley Doe [2]2004/12/11Wilmerding, PA
Dennis Gregory [3]2006/06/09Elizabeth, PA
Vacates in 06 when called to active military duty.
Ricky Reyes2006/09/16Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Low-Ki in tournament final.
Dennis Gregory [4]2007/05/11McKeesport, PA
Defeats Reyes and Brent Albright in a 3-way match.
Sandman2007/12/08Elizabeth, PA
Dennis Gregory [5]2008/04/25Elizabeth, PA
Stripped in 08 for assaulting IWC officials and personnel.
Shiima Xion2008/10/26Cheswick, PA
Wins tournament.
Raymond Rowe2009/01/24Elizabeth, PA
Shiima Xion [2]2009/03/07Elizabeth, PA
Jimmy DeMarco2009/12/12Elizabeth, PA
John McChesney2010/11/20Elizabeth, PA
Jimmy DeMarco [2]2011/12/10Elizabeth, PA
Defeats McChesney and Shiima Xion in a 3-way match.
Logan Shulo2012/03/10Elizabeth, PA
Also wins the vacant Super Indy Title, defeating Façade on 12/12/15 in Elizabeth, PA.
John McChesney [2] 2012/12/15 Elizabeth, PA
Wins the World Heayweight Title only.
Dalton Castle 2013/12/14 Elizabeth, PA
Tommy Dreamer 2015/01/24 Elizabeth, PA
Rhino 2015/08/22 Elizabeth, PA
John McChesney [3] 2015/10/17 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Rhino and Jimmy Nutts in 3-way match.
Jimmy Nutts 2015/12/12 Elizabeth, PA
DJ Z 2016/03/12 Elizabeth, PA
Vacant when DJ Z is injured in 16/11.
Wardlow 2016/12/10 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats R.J. City.
Andrew Palace 2017/12/09 Elizabeth, PA