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International Wrestling Cartel
Super Indy Title

(as of 2017/04/08)

* Vacated once a year for the annual Super Indy Tournament, where a new champion is crowned.

Super Hentai2002/03/22Monroeville, PA
Defeats Christopher Daniels in tournament final to become first champion.
A.J. Styles 2003/03/14Penn Hills, PA
Vacant on 03/05/10.
Colt Cabana2003/05/10White Oak, PA
Defeats Matt Stryker in tournament final.
A.J. Styles [2]2004/03/20W. Mifflin, PA
Vacant on 04/05/08.
Chris Sabin2004/05/08W. Mifflin, PA
Defeats Alex Shelley in tournament final; vacant in 04 when Sabin is injured.
James Keenan2004/12/11Wilmerding, PA
Wins 4-way match; vacant on 05/04/29.
John McChesney2005/04/29McKeesport, PA
Defeats Low-Ki in tournament final.
James Keenan2005/08/20Morristown, NJ
John McChesney [2]2005/08/27Pittsburgh, PA
Low-Ki2006/03/18Elizabeth, PA
Vacant on 06/04/15.
Delirious2006/04/15Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Troy Lords in tournament final.
John McChesney [3]2006/11/11Elizabeth, PA
Troy Lords2007/01/19Elizabeth, PA
Jason Gory2007/05/11McKeesport, PA
Vacant on 07/05/11.
Larry Sweeney2007/05/11McKeesport, PA
Defeats Shiima Xion in tournament final.
John McChesney [4]2007/07/07Elizabeth, PA
Larry Sweeney [2]2008/01/19Elizabeth, PA
Jerry Lynn2008/05/17Elizabeth, PA
Has won the Super Indy VII Tournament in on 08/04/25 but refuses the title until he can pin then-champion Sweeney.
Johnny Gargano2008/10/11Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Lynn and Super Hentai in a 3-way match; vacant in 08 due to injury.
Delirious2008/10/26Cheswick, PA
Defeats Jason Gory, Super Hentai, and Larry Sweeney in a 4-way match.
Super Hentai2009/05/16White Oak, PA
Defeats Justin Idol in tournament final.
Shiima Xion2010/05/08Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Johnny Gargano and Azrieal in tournament 3-way final.
Super Hentai [2]2011/01/29Elizabeth, PA
Matt Justice2011/03/19Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Hentai and Shiima Xion in a 3-way match.
Super Hentai [3]2011/04/16Franklin, PA
Egotistico Fantastico2011/06/18Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Hentai and El Generico in tournament 3-way final; vacant in 11.
Façade 2011/12/10 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Logan Shulo, Hallowicked, and Matt Cross in a 4-way match.
Sami Callihan 2012/06/23Elizabeth, PA
Façade [2] 2012/10/20 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Callihan and Rich Swann in 3-way match; vacant in 12/12 due to injury.
Logan Shulo 2012/12/15 Elizabeth, PA
Reigning World Heavyweight champion, defeats Sami Callihan for the vacant Super Indy Title; loses the World Title later on the same card.
Anthony Nese 2013/01/26 Elizabeth, PA
Façade [3] 2013/06/15 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Nese in tournament final.
Shiima Xion 2013/10/19 Elizabeth, PA
R.J. City 2013/12/14 Elizabeth, PA
Andrew Palace 2014/10/18 Elizabeth, PA
Dylan Bostic 2015/06/13 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Palace in a tournament semi-final and Alex Daniels and Raymond Rowe in 3-way final.
Andrew Palace [2] 2015/12/12 Elizabeth, PA
Vacates on 16/06/11 for the Super Indy tournament.
Josh Alexander 2016/06/11 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Jonathan Gresham in the Super Indy tournament final; Palace has lost to Gresham in semi-final; vacant on 16/10/11 when Alexander cannot make the scheduled title defense.
Chris LeRusso 2016/10/15 Elizabeth, PA
Defeats Facade.
John McChesney [5] 2017/04/08 Meadville, PA