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Combat Zone Wrestling
Ultraviolent Underground Title

J.C. Bailey2005/02/05Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Necro Butcher to become the first champion.
Zandig 2005/07"The Junkyard"
Necro Butcher2005/07/30New Castle, DE
Zandig awards the title to Butcher.
J.C. Bailey [2] 2005/08/13 Philadelphia, PA
Nick Gage 2006/01/14 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Bailey and Necro Butcher in a 3-way match.
Drake Younger2006/10/15Middletown, DE
Brain Damage2007/05/12Philadelphia, PA
Vacant after a match against Drake Younger on 07/08/11 in Philadelphia, PA ends as a double pinfall.
Brain Damage [2]2007/09/15Smyrna, DE
Defeats Danny Havoc, J.C. Bailey, and Scotty Vortekz in an 8-man tournament 4-way final.
Drake Younger [2] 2008/02/09 Philadelphia, PA
Danny Havoc 2008/10/11 Philadelphia, PA
Sami Callihan2009/10/24 Townsend, DE
Thumbtack Jack 2009/10/24 Townsend, DE
Adam Polak 2010/01/17 Oberhausen, GER
Nick Gage [2] 2010/11/07 Oberhausen, GER
Yuko Miyamoto 2010/12/11 Philadelphia, PA
Jun Kasai 2011/03/22 Tokyo, JPN
Danny Havoc 2011/04/09 Philadelphia, PA
MASADA 2011/07/09 Philadelphia, PA
Also wins World Heavyweight Title, defeating Scott Vortekz on 12/03/10 in Philadelphia, PA; officially unified with the World Title on 12/05/19.

* See CZW World Heavyweight Title.