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Combat Zone Wrestling
World Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/04/01)

Nick Gage1999/03/27Mantua, NJ
Wins a 20-man battle royal to become the first champion.
John Zandig1999/05/22Mantua, NJ
Defeats Gage, Kronus, and Justice Pain in a 4-way match.
Nick Gage [2]1999/06/19Mantua, NJ
Wifebeater1999/09/18Mantua, NJ
John Zandig [2]1999/11/20Mantua, NJ
Lobo2000/07/22Sewell, NJ
Justice Pain2000/09/09Sewell, NJ
Nick Berk2001/02/28Dover, DE
Yoshihiro Tajiri2001/02/28Dover, DE
John Zandig [3]2001/02/28Dover, DE
Wifebeater [2]2001/04/15Birmingham, ENG
John Zandig [4]2001/05/12Smyrna, DE
Wifebeater [3]2001/06/14Aguascalientes, MEX
Justice Pain [2]2001/07/07Sewell, NJ
Messiah2002/05/11Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 4-way match.
Justice Pain [3]2002/06/08Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 3-way match.
John Zandig [5]2002/06/15Dublin, IRE
Justice Pain [4]2002/06/15Dublin, IRE
Messiah [2]2002/12/14Philadelphia, PA
John Zandig [6]2003/10/25Pistoria, ITA
Messiah [3]2004/03/06Philadelphia, PA
Ruckus2005/02/05Philadelphia, PA
Super Dragon2005/10/10Philadelphia, PA
Ruckus [2]2006/02/11Philadelphia, PA
Chris Hero2006/05/13Philadelphia, PA
Ediie Kingston2006/09/09Philadelphia, PA
Justice Pain [5]2006/12/09Philadelphia, PA
Ruckus [3]2007/07/14Philadelphia, PA
Nick Gage [3]2007/12/08Philadelphia, PA
Drake Younger2008/07/12Philadelphia, PA
B-Boy2010/01/30Philadelphia, PA
Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) 2010/02/13 Philadelphia, PA
Nick Gage [4] 2010/08/07 Lumberton, NC
Jon Moxley [2] 2010/08/14 Philadelphia, PA
Robert Anthony 2011/02/12 Philadelphia, PA
Devon Moore 2011/04/09 Philadelphia, PA
Scotty Vortekz 2012/02/04 Indianapolis, IN
Masada 2012/03/10 Philadelphia, PA
Drew Gulak 2013/08/10 Voorhees, NJ
Biff Busick 2014/05/10 Voorhees, NJ
Sozio 2014/10/18 Voorhees, NJ
BLK Jeez 2014/12/13 Voorhees, NJ
Defeats Sozio, Biff Busick, and Drew Gulak in 4-way match.
Matt Tremont 2015/08/08 Voorhees, NJ
Jonathan Gresham 2016/09/10 Voorhees, NJ
Defeats Tremont, Greg Excellent, and Joe Gacy in 4-way match.
Joe Gacy 2016/12/10 Voorhees, NJ