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New York Wrestling Connection
Interstate Title

J.D. Lishus *
Vinny Stylin'2003/02/01
Defeats Tony Burma.
Ru Starr2003/09/27Deer Park, NY
Wins a a 9-man battle royal in which Vinny Stylin' also particiates.
Dickie Rodz2004/01/10Deer Park, NY
Tyler Payne2004/04/02
Mike Tobin2004/06/12
Joey Braggiol2004/11/20
Matt Striker2005/05/21Deer Park, NY
Joey Braggiol [2]2005/06/04Lindenhurst, NY
Amazing Red2005/08/27Deer Park, NY
Xavier2005/10/29Deer Park, NY
Javi-Air2005/12/17Deer Park, NY
Josh Daniels2006/06/24Deer Park, NY
Ken Scampi 2006/12/16Deer Park, NY
Defeats Daniels and Papadon in a 3-way match.
Jerry Lynn 2007/02/24Deer Park, NY
Papadon2007/04/28Deer Park, NY
Dickie Rodz [2] 2008/05/31Deer Park, NY
Rob Eckos (Robbie E.)2008/06/28Deer Park, NY
Bruno Marciano 2008/12/27Ronkonkoma, NY
Alex Reynolds2009/06/20Deer Park, NY
Defeats Hi-Fi champion Dan Eckos and Benny Martinez in a 3-way match to become the first Fusion champion on 10/05/22 in Deer Park, NY.

* Replaced with NYWC Fusion Title.