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New York Wrestling Connection
Fusion Title
(as of 2017/11/25)

Alex Reynolds 2010/05/22 Deer Park, NY
Reigning Interstate champion, defeats Hi-Fi champion Dan Eckos and Benny Martinez in a 3-way match to become the first champion.
John Silver 2010/07/24Moriches, NY
Chris Forza 2011/01/29 Deer Park, NY
Dimitrios Papadon 2011/03/26 Deer Park, NY
Stockade 2011/05/21 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Papadon and Syther in a 3-way match.
Tony Nese 2012/08/16 Deer Park, NY
Francis Kipland Stevens 2013/05/18 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Nese and Alex Reynolds in the Fusion 2013 Tournament 3-way final.
Blake Morris 2014/02/15 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Stevens during the "Psycho Circus" match.
Rex Lawless 2014/05/31 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Morris and Anthony Nese in a 3-way match.
Mike Mondo 2015/02/28 Deer Park, NY
Vacant on 15/04/16 when Mondo is unable to defend.
Joe Gacy 2015/05/30 Deer Park, NY
Defeats Tony Mamaluke in 4-man tournament final.
Alvin Alvarez 2015/11/28 Deer Park, NY
The Big O 2016/04/30 Deer Park, NY
Vacant in 16/07 due to injury.
Tyler Murphy 2016/07/28 Deer Park, NY
Wins a 10-man gauntlet match.
The Big O [2] 2017/02/25 Deer Park, NY
Johnny Radke 2017/11/25 Deer Park, NY