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Last updated on 2017/04/10

World Junior Heavyweight Title
[New England]

Marcel LaFayette 1936/08/12<  
John Murphy 1936/08/25Providence, RI
Defeats LaFayette in a tournament final.
Salvatore Balbo1936/11/02Providence, RI
Murphy continues to be recognized in Lowell, MA.
John Murphy [2]1937/02/18Providence, RI
Manuel Cortez1937/12/07Providence, RI
Steve Passas1938/01/04Providence, RI
Billed as World Light Heavyweight Champion in Bridgeport, CT as of 38/09/28.
Curley Donchin 1938/12  
Sometime before 38/12/13; Johnny Iovanna is billed as champion in Biddeford, ME on 40/03/07; Passes conitunes to hold World Light Heavyweight Title in Bridgeport, CT but lose it to George Becker on 39/01/20.
Salvatore Balbo [2] 1939/09/12Halifax, NS
Jackie Nichols1940/03Salem, MA
Sometime between 40/03/12 and 40/03/16; still champion as of 40/05/23.
Ken Ackles 1940/10/02<
Still champion as of 40/11/30.
Jackie Nichols [2] 1942/10/02<  
Sometime after 42/05/12, when Nichols is introduced as a former "undisputed" champion by Biddeford Daily Journal (Biddeford, ME).
Ivan Braun 1942/10
"Recently", according to Biddeford Daily Journal (Biddeford, ME) on 42/10/29; title most likely inactive in the 40s.
Rocky Baron1950/03/30Billerica, MA
Defeats Leo Justin; still champion as of 51/02/19.
Eddie McNeil 1951/05/08<
Billed as champion in Portsmouth, NH; still champion as of 51/05/23.
Gorgeous Gus 1951/07/13? Portsmouth, NH?
Or sometimes before 51/11/01; still recognized in N. Adams, MA as of 52/01/25.
Cement Hewitt 1953/04/03<
Billed as champion in Portsmouth, NH.
Jackie Nichols [2] 1957/04/19<
Billed as champion in Springfield, MA.
Marvin Mercer 1958/01/11<
Billed as champion in Bridgeport, CT.