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Last updated on 2014/08/15

World Light Heavyweight Title
[New England]

Steve Passas1931/11/04Boston, MA
Great Mephisto1933/01/10Boston, MA
Steve Passas [2] 1933/10/11Boston, MA
Charles Moquin1933/11/16Bedford, NH
George Dusette1934/04/07<
Sometime after 34/03/12.
Fred Bruno 1934/05/04<
Steve Passas [3] 1934/07<
A local paper in Lewiston, ME on 35/01/04 says Passas "won from Bruno only to lose it to his old nemesis from Detroit" (Dusette).
George Dusette [2] 1934/07/20
Still champion as of 35/01/04.
Jose Firpo1935/05/28<
George Dusette [3] 1935/08/22<
Paul Adams1936/01/06<
Steve Passas [4] 1936/02/03<
Jackie Nichols1936/05/04<
Jacques Bernard 1936/09/09<
John Murphy1936/10/21<
Paul Adams [2]1938/02<
Sandy MacDonald1938/02/09Boston, MA
Steve Passas [5] 1938/09/28<
George Becker1939/01/20Bridgeport, CT
Dave Levin1939/03/10Bridgeport, CT
George Becker [2]1939/04/14Bridgeport, CT
Karol Krauser1939/05/12Bridgeport, CT
Maurice Boyer1939/09/29Bridgeport, CT
Bobby Bruns1939/11/10Bridgeport, CT
Billed as World Heavyweight Title after this match; still/again champion as of 41/03/17.

* See also MWA World Heavyweight Title.

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