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Last updated on 2014/07/30

New England Junior Heavyweight Title
[Portland, ME]

Bull Montana 1943
Lester O'Neal 1944/01/22<  
Ivan Braun1944/01/25Portland, ME
Johnny Iovanna1944/07/10Portland, ME
Manuel Cortez1944/08/14Portland, ME
Ivan Braun [2]1944/08/28Portland, ME
Chuck Montana1944/09/25Portland, ME
Manuel Cortez [2]1944/10/16Portland, ME
Ivan Braun [3] 1944/12/04 Portland, ME
Vacant in 45/06 when Braun is drafted though Braun makes defense on 45/09/03 while on leave.
Great Mephisto1945/09/10Portland, ME
Defeats Manuel Cortez in tournament final.
Chuck Montana [2]1945/10/22Portland, ME
Les Ruffin 1945
Defeats Manuel Cortez.
Bull Curry 1945/12/17<
Pat Curry 1946
Defeats Tiger Tasker.
Ivan Braun [4]1946/07<
Great Mephisto [2]1946/09/23Portland, ME
Ted Germaine1946/10/14Portland, ME
Ivan Braun [5]1946/12/16Portland, ME
Jackie Nichols1946/12/23Portland, ME
Still champion as of 47/01/30.
Bull Curry [2]1947/05/09<
Ivan Braun [6]1947/06/30Portland, ME
Roland Meeker1949/04/11Portland, ME
Manuel Cortez [3] 1949/05/02Portland, ME
Ivan Braun [7]1949/06/06Portland, ME
Jackie Nichols [2]1949/07/18Portland, ME
Chuck Montana [3]1949/11/07Portland, ME
Jackie Nichols [3]1949/12/12Portland, ME
Still champion as of 50/01/01.
Manuel Cortez [4]1950/01
Sometime before 50/01/30; still champion as of 50/04/27
Chris Belkas 1953/06 Nashua, NH
Defeats John Swenski; previously billed as champion in West Virginia as of 52/05/02.

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