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NWA New England Heavyweight Title

Erich Sbraccia1998/01/17Southbridge, MA
Defeats Vic Steamboat in tournament final to become the first NWA New England champion.
Barry Windham1998/09/19Everett, MA
Curtis Slamdawg1998/10/10Millinocket, ME
Trooper Gilmore1999/02/12Mansfield, MA
Knuckles Nelson1999/02/18Mansfield, MA
Curtis Slamdawg [2]2000/01/16Wethersfield, CT
Whacko2000/06/22Somerville, MA
Defeats Brian Day, Jay Kobain, and Wagner Brown in a four corners match; stripped on 00/08/24 for not defending the title within 30 days.
Jason Rumble2000/10/15Nashville, TN
Defeats Beau Douglas.
Steve King2001/05/06Melrose, MA
Jason Rumble [2]2001/05/20Melrose, MA
Beau Douglas2001/10/27Woburn, MA
Rick Fuller2002/07/13Woonsocket, RI
Vacant in 02/03 when Fuller fails to defend.
Outpatient2003/04/06Riverside, RI
Defeats Eddy Edwards; vacant in 03.
Apocalypse2004/06/19Sanford, ME
Defeats Brian Buffet.
Gino Martino2005/02/04Sanford, ME
Defeats Apocalypse and The Outpatient in a 3-way match; vacant in 05/11.
Luis Ortiz2005/11/25Revere, MA
Defeats Beau Douglas in tournament final.
Jason Rumble [3]2006/11/25Saugus, MA
Defeats Ortiz and Slyck Wagner in a 3-way match.
Beau Douglas [2]2007/03/10Saugus, MA
Renamed CWA Title on the same day when the promotion leaves NWA.

* See CWA Heavyweight Title.

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